Professor Says ‘Maybe Conservatism’ Is ‘Just A Euphemism For White Supremacy’ During A Panel Titled, ‘Religion Of White Rage’

During a video panel discussion on “The Religion of White Rage” which was sponsored by the folks over at Louisiana State University, a professor sitting on the panel stated that “maybe conservatism, away from being a financial and economic and political policy, is just a euphemism for white supremacy.”

Yes, that’s right, folks. If you’re white and a conservative, you’re a white supremacist. You can’t make this absurd garbage up.

According to TheBlaze, “Race, Religion and the Moment We’re In: The Religion of White Rage” was designed to “shed light on the phenomenon of white rage and map out the uneasy relationship between white anxiety, religious fervor, American identity and perceived Black racial progress,” a statement from LSU read.

LSU professor and member of the panel Stephen Finley released a statement saying, “Religion is a source of connection and community for many Americans; however, it is also the primary motivating factor for the rise of white rage and white supremacist sentiment in the United States. The Capitol insurrection is the latest example of this. In this episode, we will hone in on this relationship between White apprehension, race and religion, and their subsequent effects on communities of color and the struggle for equality.”

Another panelist, Biko Gray, who works as a religion professor at Syracuse University, said during an event that was held on February 24 that “maybe conservatism, away from being a financial and economic and political policy, is just a euphemism for white supremacy and its affective variant, white rage.”

“Gray’s statement can be heard in the first part of the video, which can be viewed only on YouTube due to age restrictions,” TheBlaze reported.

It’s becoming less and less hyperbole when we say, “everything is racist” because the left is definitely putting in overtime to find a way to take everything under the sun and flip it into a race issue, which does nothing but keep us divided from one another.

That must have been some high potency weed being smoked at that panel discussion.

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