Progressive Patron Saint Obama Praises Defund the Police As Violent Crime Skyrockets

Just a few weeks ago, the former president and the Democrat Party’s last remaining legitimate thought leader (over 35, at least) chided the radical leftist activists who use “snappy slogans” like “Defund the Police.”

Congress’ far-left “Squad” whined about it on Twitter, but this was apparently premature.

He’s made it perfectly clear he’s all for defunding the police. Just not, you know, the “snappy slogans,” apparently.

Breitbart reports that, during an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Tuesday, Obama appeared to praise the movement as courageous and media savvy (neither of which, as anyone with a legitimate moral compass will tell you, are inherently positive characteristics).

The outlet notes that this comes “as major cities are experiencing soaring crime rates,” such as New York City, which “saw shootings more than double in November, according the an [sic] NY Police Department report.”

“For the first 11 months of the year, shootings in the city have risen nearly 96 percent,” they also note, while in Los Angeles, “homicides are up 25 percent from last year so far, while in Chicago, murders and shootings have increased more than 50 percent.”

Obama “sang the praises” of radical Black Lives Matter activists who sparked the nationwide protest/riot movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd that resulted in honest discussions on cutting police budgets in major cities across the U.S. which, in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, has actually come to fruition in the form of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars being pulled from law enforcement budgets.

“Nothing made me more optimistic during a difficult year than the activism that we saw in the wake of George Floyd’s murder,” Obama said. This is almost laughably close to a flat-out admission that Floyd’s murder was beneficial to the progressive narrative.

“I have consistently believed that their courage, activism, media savvy, strategic resolve far exceeds anything I could’ve done at their age and I think has shifted the conversation in ways I would not have even imagined a couple of years ago,” he continued.

He did double-down on his criticism of those pesky slogans, though.

“That particular slogan I think the concern is that there may be potential allies out there that you’d lose. And the issue always is: how do you get enough people to support your cause that you can actually institutionalize it and translate it into laws,” Obama said.

So…let’s defund the police, but not say it, so people get on board who would otherwise be smart enough to know that defunding the police is a terrible idea.

Got it, Barry.


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