Progressives Contend That Individual Freedoms Equate to Being a ‘Racist’

The United States was founded by Puritans and other hard-working men and women, primarily Europeans, who were escaping the tyranny of kings and social constructs similar to the caste system in India.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, every day blue-collar workers put in long hours hoping to create a nation in which their children and grandchildren could reap what they had sowed.

In what might be a surprise to some, as more progressives followed these trailblazers, they used their wealth and connections to start implementing the same socialist worldviews used back in their home countries. Thus the emergence of the “intellectual class” and progressive downhill descent since then.

The far-left newspaper, the Washington Post, once again allowed a radical, social justice activist, to write for them. This time they targeted the Freedom Convoy for use in arguing that expecting individual freedom is actually a “key component of white supremacy.”

The article titled “The Ottawa trucker convoy is rooted in Canada’s settler-colonial history” is written by Taylor Dysart – a Ph.D. candidate in the department of history and sociology of science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dysart wrote:

“The convoy has amassed significant support; its (now removed) GoFundMe raised more than $10 million (CAD) and it has been celebrated by several center-right and right-wing public figures, including Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and former President Donald Trump. The Freedom Convoy now touts itself as an ‘Anti ALL MANDATES Movement,’ desiring to remove all public health mandates,” 

“While the convoy’s supporters have characterized the protest as a peaceful movement, uninformed by ‘politics, race, religion, or any personal beliefs,’ many supporters have been associated with or expressed racist, Islamophobic, and white-supremacist views.” 

“The history of Canadian settler colonialism and public health demonstrates how both overt white-supremacist claims and seemingly more inert nationalistic claims about ‘unity’ and ‘freedom’ both enable and erase ongoing harm to marginalized communities,” 

“The primarily white supporters of the Freedom Convoy argue that pandemic mandates infringe upon their constitutional rights to freedom,” the WaPo writer continued. “The notion of ‘freedom’ was historically and remains intertwined with whiteness, as historian Tyler Stovall has argued.”

“The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of white supremacy. This explains why the Freedom Convoy members see themselves as entitled to freedom, no matter the public health consequences to those around them,” Dysart alleged.

Associate editor Liz Wolfe: “When you call everything ‘white supremacy,’ the term ceases to have any effect whatsoever.”

Political commentator Dinesh D’Souza: “If freedom is a white supremacist notion, as this @washingtonpost article insists, what should we be aiming for instead? Unfreedom? Incarceration? Slavery?”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.): “Why do conservatives want to keep critical race theory out of schools? Because it leads to the insane belief that ‘one’s entitlement to *freedom* is a key component of White supremacy.’”

A freelance writer Erica Marrison submitted a similarly biased  op-ed within Teen Vogue:

“This op-ed argues that the Ottawa ‘Freedom Convoy’ is really about white supremacy and white nationalism,” according to an article in Teen Vogue titled “Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Trucker Protests Aren’t About Freedom.”

“The protests have included white supremacist and white nationalist imagery, and in that inclusion have given rise to the false and dangerous supposition that those views are a function of freedom, amplifying existing threats to public safety,” Marrison claimed.

The writers mentioned in the article are emblematic of what happens to those who sit in progressive bubbles, consuming way too much elitists Kool-Aid.

They end up as radical opportunists always looking to assign racism to those, people “not of color”, whenever possible.

Higher education doesn’t always produce better human beings.

This story was syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson – Trending Politics 

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