Protests After Bay Area City Council Deems “Thin Blue Line” Flag Racist 

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Community members of Livermore, California have protested following a designation from their city council that the pro-police “thin blue line” flag was a racist symbol.

KTVU reported that many residents held a protest in the downtown area of their town where they waved the pro-police flag for passersby.

Breitbart notes that the city council last week had deemed the flag to be racist as part of their “inventory of racist symbols.”

This is apparently part of some effort on the part of the city to make sure that only “inclusive” symbols were displayed on city-owned properties.

Let that sink in for a second.

There are precious few institutions that a city government has any business being involved in to begin with, and one of them is in the operation of a police force.

The thin blue line is a simple statement of belief that the lives of those who put their lives on the line to protect are outnumbered in their duty to protect and all that stands between law abiding citizens and the criminal element.

Not only does the city consider it problematic for city-owned properties to make this statement in the form of a flag, but they think it’s…racist?!

So, do the thousands of minority police officers serving across the United States whose life this flag honors not deserve recognition for the work they do, or how does this work?


In what remotely logical universe does this make sense?

Breitbart notes that those involved in the discussions of their little “inclusive flag” project aimed at making their process transparent by posting the discussion notes from the committee online, but this just pissed residents off.

Including the Alameda County Sheriff, as you can imagine.

“The thin blue line actually stands for the line between justice and injustice and evil and righteousness,” Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern succinctly stated. “So we support the thin blue line, and we do that every day in our job.”

Breitbart notes, “Livermore is not the only city to take a swipe at the thin blue line flag. A Florida high school banned the thin blue line flag from its football games in September over fears it might be construed as a political statement representing the views of the team and the school.”


Not only is this sickening, twisted, and disrespectful, it’s flat-out illogical.

The dumbing down of America is complete.

Time for a national job action by law enforcement. How about a blue flu?

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