Psaki on the Chopping Block AGAIN for One of Her Famous Idiotic Tweets

Jen Psaki’s having a bad week, a very bad week, and not just because she had to stand on the press conference stage and listen to a long recital of Brandon’s many, many failures.

No, apparently she felt the need to “circle back” to online humiliation. That is, if her goal was to get absolutely wrecked online, she certainly succeeded.

You see, Jen just couldn’t sit and watch the south struggle through its annual snowstorm without making a dumb comment, so she went ahead and did so on Twitter, saying “Growing up in the northeast I will never understand the closing of stores and restaurants when there is barely an inch of snow on the ground yet.

Now, it’s not the worst thing to come out of the Brandon Administration, far from it. At least now she’s wanting businesses to remain open. But it was dumb, and it was unnecessary, so the internet did what it does best: ritually humiliated her. Here are some of the best responses from around Twitter, collected by Wayne Dupree:

“LOL – you want all businesses closed from a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate.”

“If you think that is bad wait til you hear about Covid lockdowns”

“But barring healthy people from society unless they have government-approved papers IS something she can understand.”

“Imagine closing stores and restaurants to unvaccinated people when vaccinated people can just as easily catch and transmit the virus they claimed to prevent.”

“Imagine closing stores permanently due to your lockdowns and vax mandates.”

“Growing up in America, I will never understand the closing of stores of restaurants as the result of tyrannical government decrees.”

“Growing up in a progressive household I will never understand the closing of schools and masking of healthy kids when there is no threat to children.”

“But you can understand the closing of schools for over a year for children who do not get critically ill from this virus.”

“Psaki can’t imagine closing stores and restaurants in DC. Meanwhile, DC Public School kids subject to rolling lockdowns… and not a peep from her”

“So… the comms plan is to have a terrible take on something other than the pandemic that’s raging, to draw attention away from all the terrible pandemic responses coming from the WH?”

“How are you in the position you’re in with this kind of naked disinterest in basic regional infrastructure”

“There are any number of good reasons and the president’s spokesperson should know them. But in either case it’s perplexing that someone of her rhetorical skills would voluntarily make a negative and politically unnecessary state-level critique on this site.”

“Maybe it’s the empty shelves, Jen?”

“Does she even fathom the irony there?”

Each response funny, each making a fair enough point, each absolutely taking Jen “Circle Back” Psaki and the rest of Team Brandon to task. I’ll admit, a few of them even made me laugh out loud.

Which one was your favorite? Comment below!

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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