Rand Paul Obliterates ‘Unwise, Naive’ Fauci; States He’s ‘In All Likelihood Has Been Lying To Us’

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has been making the call for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be removed from his current position leading the Biden administration’s COVID response team, stating he “in all likelihood has been lying to us.”

Paul said Fauci “shouldn’t be in part of government” due to how he has been “unwise, naive, and in all likelihood has been lying to us.” This statement was made during an interview that Paul conducted on Newsmax TV with White House correspondent Emerald Robinson.

via Newsmax:

Paul said the recently released Fauci emails vindicate him and show that he, not Fauci, was right about different aspects of the pandemic.

“One of the email chains is between Peter Daszak of EcoHealth and Ralph Baric saying we need to get people to sign a letter saying we shouldn’t … you know, that there was no lab leak. We need to get all this organized, but maybe we shouldn’t sign it, so it looks as if this were an independent effort. That, to me, sounds like a cover-up,” the Republican senator went on to say.

Paul then summarized his criticism of the doctor by saying that Fauci has “been lying.”

“But I think really if you want an honest investigation, Dr. Fauci should be excluded because of conflict of interest,” the senator continued, going on to add Fauci “certainly shouldn’t be part of the investigation.”

“If you want to have an open and thorough investigation, it can’t include Peter Daszak or Dr. Fauci,” Paul stated.

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