Rand Paul’s Wife Responds to “Teacher of the Year” Who Celebrated His Assault By Progressive Neighbor

An educator named as Virginia’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2018 is blaming conservative “bots” for perceived outrage over a tweet he issued about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that appeared to be celebrating violence.

Rodney Robinson, a social studies and history teacher, reportedly posted the question “who are Mitch McConnell’s neighbors? I’m just saying Rand Paul’s neighbor did what a true Kentucky hero should do. It’s your turn to step up.”

This was a reference to an assault suffered by McConnell’s fellow Kentucky senator, Rand Paul (R), who was assaulted by a left-wing neighbor in 2017.

BizPac Review notes that Robinson did not indicate in his tweet what, precisely, McConnell had done that justified responding with physical assault.

While there may have been “bots” who found his comments abhorrent, however, they’d be in good company with plenty of flesh-and-blood Twitter users, including Paul’s wife.

“I am so disgusted by this I have no words. The 2019 ‘National Teacher of The Year’ is celebrating the violent assault on my husband that resulted in 6 broken ribs and part of his lung being removed. This hateful thug is calling for more violence on Sen McConnell,” an understandably distressed Kelley Paul wrote on Twitter.

Robinson appears to have now made his tweets private, but BPR notes he reportedly followed up his controversial comments by blaming any outrage on bots, which he found “funny” as he believed the only cause for the outrage was his later promotion of “black medical awareness.”

Right—we all know how angry those conservative bots get over anyone advocating for providing medical care to black people.

That’s totally a real thing.

“I made a Mitch McConnell joke today and the conservative bots are real angry. It’s funny because the joke was made early today and no one said a thing until I promoted black medical awareness,” he reportedly said.

It does not appear any remorse for openly advocating for the top Republican in Congress to suffer brutal violent assault was present in his follow-up comments.

One has to marvel at the technology behind these bots who responded, as they sound remarkably like real, human people capable of employing logic, empathy, and outrage. They even understand irony and hypocrisy—amazing!




That the award wasn’t withdrawn is what is most profound. If he is the teacher of the year, it makes you wonder who finished last. That parents haven’t demanded that some discipline isn’t in order says all you have to know about the state of public education in America.

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