Rashida Tlaib Says Crisis At The Border Is Not ‘Going To Go Anywhere’

Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib stated that the current surge happening at the U.S.-Mexico Border is indeed a “crisis” and that it’s not going anywhere, and “doing nothing has consequences.”

According to Just The News, Tlaib was asked whether or not she believes the surge of illegal aliens at the border occurring under President Joe Biden is evidence that his way of handling the border and immigration issues is not working.

“So as a mother, all I can say is we need to lead with compassion, these are children that are forever, for generations, are going to experience a trauma that none of us would ever want to see a human being go through, let alone a four-, a five-, a six- or seven-year-old child,” the Michigan congresswoman said during a news conference where she made an announcement concerning the reintroduction of her Automatic BOOST to Communities Act (ABC) alongside Minnesota Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

“Tlaib, who has supported abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the past, said she plans to go to the border to learn more about the situation and possibly come back with “requests of moving towards” a different direction,” the JTN report said.

Glauber needs to be reminded that the border problem was fixed under Pres Trump. Biden broke it. All he had to do was to leave it alone but he couldn’t resist inserting his extreme immigration philosophy into border security. He stopped progress on the border wall as one of his first actions.

“This is not an issue or crisis, I think, that’s going to go anywhere,” Tlaib went on to say. “I mean, the last nine months, we continue to see these surges, these increases of these children coming across our border wanting a better life, and that is something that we need to figure out. How do we truly address that? Because doing nothing has consequences.”

So does doing the wrong thing. That has consequences too.

“”When we do nothing about some of the harms that we have done in Central America, and doing nothing about addressing some of the economic hardships that many of the families are going through; addressing a number of things that I think our country could have been a tremendous partner for or, again, a lot of that is result of either doing nothing or doing the wrong thing,” she continued.

An America First mindset on immigration and border enforcement was working.

The number of individuals who are trying to cross the border illegally is currently on pace to become the largest surge of illegal aliens in the last 20 years. It’s truly massive. Many Republican lawmakers have stated that Biden eliminating the policies that were in place from the previous administration is what is responsible for this mess.

Tlaib argued that the United States does not currently have what she called a “humane” immigration system. Guess Biden’s kids in cages is a more humane policy than Trump getting Mexico to stop them from crossing..

“This is an issue that I’ve dealt with from the first day of coming into Congress, of not only caging up these children, but also that we haven’t been able to have a humane, just immigration system in our country,” she stated. “It is a nightmare for immigrants, even those that have not come across, that have been living as my neighbors for 20, 30 years now with no pathway.

Trump offered a four point plan on dealing with DACA that would have given 11 million an eventual pathway. Democrats crapped all over the idea as part of their resistance to everything Trump suggested.

“I’m going to lead with compassion. I think that’s why it’s so important for myself as a child of immigrants and for others like me, to bring our lived experiences as we try to develop policy and approaches that I think will meet the need right now of addressing this issue that I think all of us could be very much proud and very much be able to support. But again, doing nothing is not the answer,” Tlaib concluded.

Yeah ok Tlaib. Let us know how your compassionate illegal immigration works out and tell taxpayers how many trillions of dollars it will cost because no Democrat offers a plan that doesn’t add to the national debt.


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