REMINDER: AOC Still Refuses to Apologize for Accusing Ted Cruz of Trying to Have Her “Murdered”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Democratic socialist darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still denies that she ever accused Texas Sen. Ted Cruz of almost having her killed during the riot at the Capitol building back in January, despite the Twitter post in which she says that very thing.

A new report from the Post Millennial reveals that AOC sat down for an interview with the New York Post in which she said, “Yeah, so that’s not the quote and I will not apologize for what I said.”

Back on January 28, AOC tweeted out, “…you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out.”

Sounds an awful lot like accusing Cruz of attempted murder, don’t you think? Kind of hard to get around that when the tweet is right there in the open for all to see.

You can also check out AOC’s live response in the tweet below:

As you probably can already assume, Cruz has denied having any involvement in trying to have AOC knocked off. However, it’s recently been revealed that AOC wasn’t even in the same building that the “insurrection” took place on January 6, which means she was never in any danger to begin with.

And yet, despite this information being made known, she still claims that her life was somehow in danger.

“You haven’t even apologized for the serious physical + mental harm you contributed to from Capitol Police & custodial workers to your own fellow members of Congress,” AOC posted in a tweet that was clearly directed at Cruz.

AOC’s life might have been in danger seeing that she is a danger to herself.


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