REMINDER: Illegal Aliens Are Being Allowed Across Border With NO COVID TESTS

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Not only did President Joe Biden allowed for the flood of untold hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens across our southern border almost as soon as he was sworn into office, but the manner in which they’re being processed when they encounter border law enforcement contradicts his supposedly brilliant plan to stop all COVID-19 deaths, ever.

He might be treating humans as if none of them are illegal to the appeasement of radical leftists who want to destroy all borders and systems as we know them, but he’s also doing nothing to mitigate the spread of the novel virus into our borders.

But us plebeian U.S. citizens need to be subject to post-Orwellian living conditions as the “new normal” without complaining or we’re considered biological terrorists.


Earlier this month, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed that the U.S. is allowing illegal aliens into our country and not even requiring COVID-19 testing.

This comes as Americans are increasingly required to wear masks or receive vaccines to conduct their daily lives—if they are indeed allowed to leave their home or open their business at all.

The host explained that the Biden administration is “releasing thousands of foreign nationals” into U.S. society without testing them.

These migrants are “are being sent forth into the population as though COVID isn’t real.”

Sickeningly, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded during a briefing by claiming she “didn’t care enough to answer the question” as to whether or not this is happening.

This woman is terrible at her job—but it’s not like she’s being held to a high standard by the fawning left-wing media.

Carlson explained that the program comes as the result of a Biden Executive Order that essentially authorized “catch and release” of illegal immigrants.

He pointed to comments made by Sheriff Leon Wilmot in a message to Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema calling the policy ” a particularly dangerous approach, as there is currently no protocol for testing any of these people for the Covid-19 virus.”

Wilmot also said “…Nor is there any support being offered by the federal government to house, feed, medically treat or transport these immigrants.”

One of the reasons for border protection is to prevent the spread of infectious disease. We shut the entire US economy down over fear of overwhelming the US health facilities. Now apparently Biden and Fauci do not care that border states might see a surge in hospitalizations or spikes in cases.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the election being over we can stop fear-mongering over this flu virus. Hope they are making these illegal aliens wash their hands as they are released into the US population.

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