Rep. Andrew Clyde Reveals That Democrats ‘Privately Agree’ That Biden And Some Of His Team Need To Go

Rep. Andrew Clyde, a Republican from the state of Georgia, who has been supportive of a resolution that calls for the resignation of not only President Joe Biden, but of White House Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as wells — due to the Afghanistan debacle — recently revealed that he knows there are “privately a lot of Democrats” who agree.

“This is just a terrible example of leadership and they all need to go,” Clyde went on to say during his interview on “American Agenda.” “I think privately there are a lot of Democrats, a number of Democrats, especially the veterans, that are speaking and saying ‘you know, Milley’s got to go, Austin’s got to go, [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken’s got to go.'”

Clyde went on to add that Democrats won’t call for Biden to resign, despite the fact that the situation in Afghanistan shows a “tremendous failure of leadership on all fronts.”

“President Biden yesterday in his news conference, he just lied to us, and that’s just unconscionable,” the congressman added. “[He] is feeding a line to the American people that he wants them to think that he did a phenomenal job of getting us out of this war of ending this war. This war has not ended. We have simply transitioned to a new phase, a new phase where Afghanistan is now a safe space for the Taliban for the Haqqani Network, or al-Qaida and ISIS-K.”

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, Biden is “trying to drive a narrative that is completely false,” Clyde said. “We’re calling him out on it, and that’s just the way it is.”

Clyde added the House Homeland Security Committee will make sure the Biden administration is held to account to properly vet the Afghan refugees that are coming into the United States.

“We’re already getting rumblings that there are people that have been brought into the country that are on the terrorism watch list, and that is inexcusable,” Clyde continued. “This is something that we are going to make sure has a lot of focus because the administration right now, I don’t believe they can be trusted.”

I think we can all agree on the fact that this glaring failure of leadership on the part of President Joe Biden and these other members of his team definitely makes a strong case for resignation.

If Biden won’t take responsibility for the loss of life and the abandonment of Americans behind enemy lines, perhaps he needs to be impeached?

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