Rep. Arrington Says Texas And Arizona ‘Need More’ States To Send Law Enforcement To Help With Border

During a recent appearance on Newsmax, Rep. Jodey Arrington from the state of Texas gave high praise to Florida for answering the call made by his state and Arizona for sending law enforcement professionals to help with the southern border as the border crisis rages on, saying, “We’re going to see more.”

During the inteview on “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Arrington was very grateful for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis answering the letter sent out by Texas and Arizona to every state in the country, being the first to send additional law enforcement help to do patrol of the border.

”I like what I’m seeing, and we need to see more of it,” Arrington told the host of the program.

”We introduced [a resolution] last week, basically, we’re saying, ‘States: you have sovereign powers to defend your borders and protect your people”’ he said.

”The states have that inherent right of self defense, so they should be exercising these powers,” he went on to add. ”So they don’t need our legislation. They don’t need Congress to act. Their commander in chief has failed to provide for the common defense … It’s time to secure the border, enforce the laws and do that through the powers, constitutionally protected, of our sovereign states. So I think you’re going to see more of this.”

via Newsmax:

Arrington hit hard at Vice President Kamala Harris’ role as border czar, charging she ”doesn’t want to own” the crisis at the southern border.

”I’m not surprised that Kamala Harris isn’t wanting to have this conversation, nor am I surprised that she is not going to the border,” Arrington commented. ”She doesn’t want to own this. She isn’t just placating the radical open border left. She is the radical open border left.

”We shouldn’t be surprised. We should only be disappointed and embarrassed that Joe Biden has made her the border czar,” he continued.

Arrington also reported that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s appearance before the House Ways and Means Committee was ”tough.” Yellen went before the panel for a grilling on the Biden administration’s 2022 budget.

”We’re giving the keys to growth and prosperity to other countries through the numerous policies, starting with paying people to be on unemployment rather than to return to work,” he added, going on to say, ”about half small businesses can’t hire everybody. Many are going to go away and never come back.”

”For every American, you’ve got this assault on oil and gas, which is driving the price at the pump up,” he went on to argue. ”And now [Democrats] want to put on a big tax hike … It was a difficult hearing for [Yellen], but it’s difficult for every American to understand where they’re going with this when we’re seeing unemployment go up, inflation go up.”

Arrington warned that the current administration policies could come to resemble ”what happened 10 years leading up to the tax cuts” passed by the Trump administration.

”None of it makes sense,” he stated. ”And we’re all scratching our heads.”

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