Rep. Babin Says Veterans Should Not Lose Their Benefits Over Vaccine Mandate

According to Rep. Brian Babin, no person who has served in the United States military should lose their veterans’ benefits due to the “authoritarian” coronavirus vaccine mandate put in place by President Joe Biden.

Babin himself has introduced a new bill called the “Our Veterans Earned It” in order to protect them from that.

“I will not stand by and watch while Biden steals from our veterans what they bravely earned,” the Texas Republican stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “National Report.”

“Our service members didn’t fight for our freedom just to have their freedoms taken away,” he added.

via Newsmax:

Babin said he’s seeing support from many legislators who have seen the Biden administration and how it has “prioritized military wokeness over military readiness” and has cut defense funding by billions.

“I can tell you that the Russians and Chinese are certainly not doing that,” said the congressman. “Don’t forget what Biden did in Afghanistan. It was the most inept, incompetent withdrawal. You couldn’t call it anything but a retreat, leaving our allies, leaving our American citizens there.”

But the COVID-19 mandates don’t protect veterans, and also jeopardize half of the nation’s Border Patrol, said Babin.

The Border Patrol, like the military, is facing a Nov. 22 deadline for vaccinations, and if they are fired for not getting vaccinated that will lead to the “absolute disaster” that’s going on at the border since Biden’s election

“It’s much more than even a crisis,” the Texas Republican said. “Now it’s national security. It’s public health … we had another record month in October when we had 165,000 illegals come across. We’re on track for 2 million illegals being apprehended by the year’s end to top it off. This administration is going to wind up giving cash to illegals, up to $450,000 each.”

The president had denied reports of the payments, but Babin stated on Thursday that the news is “another example of the incompetency and the detachment from reality that this president has in the wokeness.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin put out a memo back in the later part of August calling for all members of the military to be vaccinated against COVID-19, stating that the shots were a mater of national importance.

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