Rep. Byron Donalds Encourages Conservative Parents To ‘Take Back Our Classrooms’

According to Rep. Byron Donalds, American conservatives need to start getting down and dirty when it comes to working toward the goal of taking back classrooms across the country as “liberals push their ideology” against capitalism “for far too long,” which has left children “to hate their country.”

“For far too long in American education we have had, frankly, liberals push their ideology against the foundational pillars of this nation against the progression that this nation has taken since the Civil War, since reconstruction, through the scourge that was Jim Crow, through the civil rights era till today, and they ignore the progression of this country,” Donalds stated during a chat on Monday’s “Cortes & Pellegrino.

“What often happens is you have a situation in our classrooms where socialism and communism and capitalism are put on the same standards as if they’re equal somehow, some way, and they completely ignore the scourge that communism and socialism has had on too many governments across the globe in world history,” he then added.

via Newsmax:

Republicans have had their hands off education for far too long, Donalds told co-hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino.

“This is something that is important: That conservatives, Republicans start taking a look back at the classroom and understand that our children need to be taught and understood that not only has capitalism provided more economic opportunity for more people than at any other place in the history of the world, but that the United States government under the United States Constitution has been a beacon for hope and liberty for all people,” Donalds went on to say.

“Even though our country has not been perfect, it is by far the most perfect. That kind of an ideology is missing from our classrooms. And that’s why so many of our young people come out with many questions and even hatred for our country,” the congressman added.

Donalds argued Democrats “view everything through the lens of race, which is a subjective way of viewing the country.”

“The problem with leftists is that they want you to quote, unquote achieve those things only by giving them full political power,” Donalds continued. “And if you give anybody full political power, nobody succeeds.”

“Whereas conservatives what we want to do is actually limit the size and scope of federal power. We don’t want all power residing in Washington, D.C. We want people to be free to do these things on their own so that we can all live in the harmony and peace that everybody wants,” he stated during the conversation.

“That is the big difference, frankly, between the leftists of today, the liberals of yesteryear, and the conservatives that have been in our country throughout this entire time,” he said, adding, “It’s important that we win this discussion and we win the day because the future of everybody’s liberties, white and Black, are on the line.”

Donalds is right. Our classrooms are where a lot of progressive indoctrination happens and it is leading to a generation of young people who despise their home country and are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy it and dismantle all that it stands for.

If we want to preserve liberty for future generations, we need to get control over classrooms and the entertainment industry, both of which are the big culture shapers of our society.

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