Rep. Byron Donalds Shreds Sec. Of State Blinken Over Calls For U.N. Probe Into Racism In Law Enforcement

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds ripped Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a recent conversation with Newsmax concerning his recent call for the U.N. to investigate system racism in police officers. He went on to say during the chat that he’s “so sick and tired” of the left “thinking that everything they have to do” being ran through an international organization.

“Have we had racial issues? Of course, we have,” the Florida Republican stated during his time on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “That record has been examined far past any other country on the face of the planet. Let’s be clear. We’re the freest, most tolerant nation on Earth. It what happens when you have a free society and people do bad things and harm comes to certain people.”

Donalds also said that the U.N. should kick off its probe by looking into other countries.

“Start with Venezuela, which has destroyed the value and liberty of its people over the last 30 years,” said the Florida congressman said. “Look at what’s going on with Cuba right now, not just now, but over the last 62 years. What about China? What about Iran…looking at us? That makes no sense at all.”

via Newsmax:

Blinken said Tuesday that the State Department had invited experts who investigate racism and minority issues to conduct an official visit to the United States, because “responsible nations must not shrink from the scrutiny of their human rights record,” reports Reuters.

Blinken also said the United States welcomes the U.N. Human Rights Council and its adoption Tuesday for the resolution, which will address systemic racism through law enforcement against Africans and people of African descent.

However, Donalds said Thursday that the United States has been transparent because the “issues we’ve had on race relations have been under the microscope.”

“What do you think the civil rights movement was?” he went on to say. “What do you think Reconstruction was? What do you think the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were? What do you think the Civil War was? We’ve had this progression in our country going back 100 years and especially through the U.S. civil rights movement until today.”

Congressman Donalds then said he thinks it’s a “joke” that the left is putting the U.S. on the same level as Cuba, Haiti, China, or Iran.

“This happens with the left all the time,” he continued. “They try to have this moral relativism so nobody is better than anybody else. It’s a joke. We are the country of liberty and hope in the world. Period, point-blank. U.N. countries can learn from us.”

Donalds then took aim at a statement put out by Black Lives Matter in which they condemned the United States and it’s treatment of Cuba and made demands for the U.S. government to remove the economic embargo on the communist country.

“Ridiculous,” Donalds stated. “Asinine. That statement makes no sense at all. If you lift the sanctions on Cuba, the regime will be more empowered. They’ll have more economic ability to continue to suppress the people of Cuba. This is what happens in all totalitarian regimes. When you allow them to flourish in the world economy, they don’t pass that down to the people. They keep it for the powerful, the 1% to use the left’s language.”

He went on to note the irony of BLM leading protests during the streets last year, but “they don’t want to put blame where blame resides. That’s with the communist dictatorship in Cuba.”

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