Rep. Cawthorn Delivers Big Zinger To Fauci, CDC; Says They Flip-Flop So Much They Should Be In ‘Summer Wear’

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn delivered an epic zinger against both Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying they “flip-flop so much they just completely need to wear summer wear.”

Cawthorn also dug in deep about earlier comments he made saying that Fauci should be investigated for “lying to Congress” and for misleading Americans concerning “gain-of-function research.”

”U.S. Code 1001 states that it is actually a felony to lie to Congress, which means you have to pay either a $250,000 fine or spend five years in prison,” Cawthorn stated during an interview Wednesday on Newsmax’s ”Chris Salcedo Show.”

”It is very clear: You can literally just go back and watch all the clips of Dr. Fauci, from last March and all the following subsequent months. You can see how his story changes and how he always tries to just slither out of any culpability or responsibility of what happened in the Wuhan lab, and I genuinely believe that he has lied,” he continued.

via Newsmax:

Other House Republicans are demanding that Fauci explain his emails regarding the pandemic that they argue undercut his public statements that the U.S. didn’t fund the research at the lab.

“He testified before the Senate that risky gain-of-function research was not occurring in Wuhan, yet in his now-public emails, sends an urgent message to his deputy on gain-of-function,” Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday. “His emails also implicate him in having influence over a paper that called the lab leak theory implausible”

“The American people deserve answers about what Fauci knew and when he knew it. We must investigate this and see wherever the truth leads us,” he continued.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to the president, has said several times before Congress that the NIH does not fund gain-of-function research. He told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto he didn’t like how ”all this has turned out to be so contentious.”

”When a congressman makes a statement that if they take over the House in 2022, I should be criminally investigated — on what basis is he making that comment? You have to get realistic about that. … Where do you come off talking about criminalistic things?” He asked.

Cawthorn then stated that the CDC’s message concerning masks is ‘really just making people confused” and that Fauci and the CDC ”flip-flop so much they just completely need to wear summer wear.”

”So I think it’s very clear we have a very … problem when people say this vaccine works completely. It clearly doesn’t,” Cawthorn stated.

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