Rep. Comer Says Judge Rejecting Election Law Block Means It’s Good Legislation

According to Rep. James Comer, the fact that a federal judge has decided against blocking some of the more challenging sections of Georgia’s new election law is more evidence that it’s a good piece of legislation.

“I think any judge who abides by the Constitution and reads the Georgia election law” will see that “it isn’t racist,” the Kentucky Republican stated during a conversation with Newsmax’s John Bachman. “This actually encourages more people to vote. The only thing that it prevents is people from cheating, and that was the goal with the election law, that it would prohibit any rules that would allow people to take advantage of the system, which is what happened in the presidential election.”

Comer then went on to say that he’s glad U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee recognizes that this particular law is a good one, and said he also hopes that Democrats who are all too happy with challenging laws that are passed by duly elected legislatures go on to “see this and I hope they try to leave the process of law alone because this is what needs to happen for election integrity.”

via Newsmax:

Boulee on Wednesday declined to block some sections of the new election law before two runoff elections next week but didn’t rule out the possibility that they could be blocked in future elections.

Activists wanted Boulee to prohibit sections of the new law that deal with observation of elections and a new deadline for requesting absentee ballots. The request came as part of one of eight federal lawsuits challenging Georgia’s controversial law.

Meanwhile, Comer said he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with audits being held in states where there are questions about the 2020 election.

“The American people deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our elections,” Comer went on to say. “There’s nothing wrong with state legislators in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, or any other state, requesting audits. I think that we should be able to have a clean audit after every election, especially when they’re close elections, and I think that that’s completely normal.”

He stated that he hopes there will be a new push for an audit in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania and that it will be done by a credible firm, as “that’s important to audits.”

Further, Comer said, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other states had rules in their elections changed without legislative approval, and “that never needs to happen again.”

“Of course, we were in unchartered territory with COVID, but I think that our elections officials across the nation have learned from the mistakes in the last presidential election, and hopefully those mistakes will never be repeated,” he continued.

Comer then went on to chat for a bit about a government watchdog’s concern of the identity of individuals who are looking to buy artwork done by President Biden’s son Hunter.

“We could have a guy like Hunter Biden selling pieces of art for half a million dollars and we wouldn’t find out as Americans who is actually paying for the art,” said Comer in conclusion. “I don’t think any normal person in America would see that if Hunter Biden is coloring pictures and selling them to people at excessive prices that there’s probably a conflict of interest there … I’m confident that the more that comes out on Hunter Biden. The more the American people are going to demand that Joe Biden be transparent about Hunter’s business dealings.”

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