Rep. Fred Keller Tears Into Dems Over Mask Mandates, Says They Show Dems Want To Keep Control

Rep. Fred Keller said that the renewed call for folks to don masks once again, including the mandate from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is happening because she, along with President Joe Biden and other Democrats, do not want to surrender the amount of power and control these mandates provide.

“They really don’t want to talk about their policies that have inflicted runaway inflation, the high-cost energy, the fact that people aren’t able to get back to work,” the Pennsylvania Republican stated during a conversation on Newsmax’s “America’s Agenda.” “They don’t want to talk about what a disaster their policies have created on our southern border, allowing people to come into our country. They are COVID-positive and spread COVID all over our country.”

via Newsmax:

But because Biden and Pelosi don’t want to discuss their own failures, they “go back to the way to control us so that we’re not talking about those other items,” Keller said.

Keller also said he finds it “ironic” that the left didn’t like former President Trump for calling people names, but Pelosi on Wednesday called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “moron” over his criticism on mask mandates.

“(You’ve also) got Joe Biden, saying everybody who doesn’t agree with him is not as smart as he thought,” Keller, went on to say, adding that if he were Biden and Pelosi , he’d realize that the people of this great nation are “thoughtful, hardworking people, and they don’t need Washington, D.C., telling them how to look out for themselves, their families, or their communities.”

Meanwhile, Biden was promoting his push for American-made products, or his “Build Back Better” program on Wednesday, but to sell that, it will take American energy, said Keller.

“He has not displayed leadership on any of those issues,” Keller continued, going on to  including the shut down of the Keystone XL pipeline or working to get the United States back in the Paris climate accords.

“He has torn down the methods for which we can build and make things in America,” Keller concluded. “His tax rate, wanting to have this higher tax rate, that’s certainly not going to build back better.”

Conservatives have been saying that these mask mandates are all about power and control from the very beginning, however the mainstream media has created yet another fictitious narrative to try and convince folks that liberty-loving individuals are nuts, which has led to this truth being dismissed by a majority of people.

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