Rep. Gohmert Rips Into VP Kamala Harris; Says Migrant Kids Will Be Used For Photo Op

Conservative firebrand Rep. Louie Gohmert, from Texas, recently made an appearance on Newsmax where he stated that Vice President Kamala Harris probably wouldn’t visit the more densely populated border facilities that are located in the city of Donna, but would instead pay a visit to the less densely populated facility located in El Paso, where there will be fewer kids seen struggling.

“She is, as I understand it, going down to El Paso. She’s not going to where the biggest problems are. She’s going to where the fence has been built, some of it private fence, some of it the federal government under President [Donald] Trump has built. But that’s not really the biggest problem. And so that’s probably why she’s going there. She’s not sticking her head in the sand; she’s just sticking her head where she can avoid seeing a lot of people pouring across the border,” the congressman said.

Gohmert then went on to say that one of the possible responses to Harris’ visit would to be to point out how fewer children are staying at the El Paso site.

“What they have been trying to do from the beginning,” Gohmert went on to say, “since the surge they created, started, their goal was to get people out of camera sight[s], out of people’s sights, ship them around the country as fast as they can. … So I would expect what you will hear them say is, ‘Look in this center here where we had children, look how few children are here.'”

“Basically what’s happening … they’re … moving people out from camera sight so they can act like they’re doing a great job, when all they are doing is moving what they hope will be future voters all over the country,” Gohmert added.

There’s a real possibility that Harris and the mainstream media could use this very strategy to help create a narrative that downplays the crisis at the border, which would help the vice president avoid having to take any real action to fix things, which is exactly what the administration probably wants.

Source: Newsmax

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