Rep. Greg Murphy Says US Is ‘Cowering’ To Taliban By Going Forward With Pullout Deadline

According to Rep. Greg Murphy, who is a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, America is “cowering” to the Taliban by sticking to the Aug. 31 troop withdrawal deadline, noting that the U.S. likely won’t be able to pull everyone out of Afghanistan by the time the deadline is up.

“It’s an arbitrary deadline set by the Taliban, not by not by our government,” the North Carolina Republican stated during an interview conducted on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “It’s just emblematic of the fact that we are cowering to a terrorist organization, rather than as the greatest nation on Earth dictating the terms of how we get our American citizens out.”

via Newsmax:

The United States has evacuated about 114,400 people, including foreign nationals and at-risk Afghans, and on Monday, one day before time was to run out for the evacuation effort, U.S. anti-missile defenses intercepted as many as five rockets that were fired at Kabul’s airport.

“There shouldn’t be a deadline,” Murphy went on to state during the interview. “The deadline should be the last American citizen out of that country. An arbitrary date and time started because Joe Biden wanted to celebrate something on Sept. 11, going against his military advisers.”

It also went against common sense to close the Bagram Airfield, the largest strategic airbase the United States had in Afghanistan, said Murphy.

“I’ve never lived in a country where we leave Americans behind,” he said, adding, “It seems like that is inevitably going to happen tomorrow.”

What happens on Wednesday, one day after the deadline runs out, is “very difficult to answer,” said Murphy.

“We are leaving Americans in the hands of terrorists who knows if they will actually go by their word,” the congressman said. “They are rather complicit with other Muslim terrorist groups; this is a tragic time in our nation’s history.”

Murphy later stated that he disagreed with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who is quoted as saying that the United States has leverage over the Taliban, noting that the terrorist organization might now be the most well-funded group on the planet, thanks to the United States leaving behind billions of dollars worth of military equipment that can now be hocked for major cash.

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