Rep. Greg Murphy Slams Joe Biden For Hypocrisy Over Border Wall News

According to Rep. Greg Murphy, new reports that say Border Patrol agents are now filling the open gaps in sections of the wall along the southern border with cast-off building materials proves that President Joe Biden and the folks who work for his administration are hypocrites.

“This has been the administration of hypocrisy,” Murphy, a Republican from North Carolina, said during an interview with Newsmax’s “National Report.” “We can’t allow a pipeline in our country, but we’re happy to support a pipeline from Russia, and here it is the same thing at the border.”

via Newsmax:

According to the report, agents in the El Paso sector have been using steel, spare tires, and other materials to block off a 20-foot gap in the wall in the El Paso sector that was left when contractors topped building the wall after Biden took office. Agents said that thousands of tons of building materials have been sitting in the area, rusting away.

“We don’t have a border,” the congressman said. “[The administration] is going to respect and push forth that they have a border in Tajikistan so that we can try to get our people out [of Afghanistan] that way. We’re going to make sure that to come in this country you have to have a negative COVID test unless it’s to the southern border when you can just walk across the border and come in.”

He then went on to add that our nation’s enemies are also well aware of the hypocrisy of the current administration.

Murphy said that Border Patrol agents who have been working to build their wall section are the “ones who are facing the massive influx of illegal aliens that are coming into our country, and they are finally feeling like the federal government has abandoned them, so they have to take matters into their own hands.”

In the month of July alone, “we saw a 420% increase in the number of people coming across our border illegally than from the year before,” Murphy stated. “We are now at a 20-plus year high of individuals coming across our border illegally. The Border Patrol, they’re good people, but they’re frustrated as hell by the Biden administration abandoning them, and they are taking matters into their own hands because they swore to protect this country and that’s what they’re doing.”

Murphy said he’s concerned about the influx of Afghan refugees entering the country, as there is a “massive security risk” involved because there are too many who have not been vetted.

“I want to take it back to Sept. 11, where you had, uh, 19 hijackers,” Murphy went on to say. “At one point, it would have been 20. But 19 were able to make their way through to create the greatest attack on American soil. We are bringing in tens of thousands of people some we don’t know a full background on at this time.”

And as a result,  “here we are basically inviting terrorists,” the congressman said. “We’ve created a terrorist haven in Afghanistan. You know al-Qaida’s there despite what Biden says al-Qaida is there. ISIS is there and the Taliban are there … they are exporting that those individuals, some are most likely coming into our country via planes, but we also know that their southern border going back to that there are over 150 countries of individuals have come in. They have already caught some known terrorists. And who knows how many have gotten in without being caught.”

If a terrorist attack happens here in the United States or even in western Europe, the incident will rest on Biden’s hands, Murphy stated.

“Let’s pray that does not happen,” he went on to say, “but we can’t turn a blind eye to it.”

There are serious concerns about future terrorist attacks due to this massive failure in Afghanistan, especially with 9/11 just around the corner. Let’s hope his horrendous handling of this situation does not result in further loss of life.

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