Rep. Kevin McCarthy Says President Biden Is ‘Turning His Back On Americans’ Trapped In Afghanistan

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took President Joe Biden to the woodshed with accusations that he is turning his back on U.S. citizens trying to escape from Afghanistan.

”With the very real prospect of thousands of Americans being stranded in Afghanistan on Sept. 1, the Biden administration is accepting the fact that they will leave Americans behind,” the California Republican went on to say during a press briefing Wednesday. ”He turned his back on our own citizens stranded in Afghanistan.”

The House Minority Leader then went on to say that the image of Biden walking away from the lectern on Tuesday without taking any questions from the media is quickly becoming one that “defines his presidency.”

via Newsmax:

In his remarks Tuesday, the president said that he spoke with G-7 leaders and others to thank them for assisting with the evacuations from Kabul in the week since Taliban forces took over the capital city and country, forcing thousands of U.S. citizens, other foreign nationals and Afghan refugees to try to flee.

He said that as of Tuesday, more than 70,000 people had been evacuated since the Taliban took over Afghanistan on Aug. 14.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that 19,000 people had been removed in the last 24 hours.

Officials will not, however, estimate how many Americans remain in Afghanistan, or how many refugees who helped U.S. forces over the last 20 years, will be taken out of the country.

Biden said he and the other leaders agreed to coordinate to get the most people out of the country as possible.

After his remarks, Biden left the room without taking questions.

McCarthy then said that he’s afraid that when the evacuation effort is finally complete, there will still be some Americans that get left behind, which could result in the largest “hostage crisis” in the history of our nation.

He then went on to say that President Biden, along with congressional Democrats, are far more worried about getting their insanely huge $5 trillion spending bills passed than they are getting folks safely out of Afghanistan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ”worked into late the night while [lawmakers] were here, but nothing to do with Afghanistan,” McCarthy continued. ”Speaker Pelosi asked the president to make phone calls [to other legislators] not to pass any bills that would put more resources to get more Americans out of Afghanistan. It was to pass $5 trillion — not to debate it, but to deem it.”

It’s sad, but true.

Democrats do not seem genuinely worried about the folks we have stuck in Kabul. It’s a very cold-hearted way to view the world and our fellow countrymen, but when have Democrats not lacked basic human decency?

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