Rep. Malliotakis Says Many Questions Still Need Answered Concerning Cuomo’s Nursing Home Data

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, a Democrat from New York, recently sat down with Newsmax where she said that her state’s Assembly Judiciary Committee should still continue investigation Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the nursing homes, along with other matters, and not just accept his resignation, which he announced this week.

“We [shouldn’t] just accept [Cuomo’s] resignation in lieu of accountability. And so, I’ve been pushing the Assembly Judiciary Committee to pursue and continue its investigation because they were looking at all facets of this. They were looking at the sexual harassment, they were looking at his directive to put COVID-positive patients into the nursing homes with our most vulnerable — even when there were alternatives set up like the U.S. Navy Comfort ship that President Trump sent to New York City,” Malliotakis went on to say during her conversation on “The Chris Salcedo Show.

“So,” the congresswoman says, “I think that the Assembly Judiciary Committee must move forward with this … [and] sheriffs and district attorneys from around the state, from various counties, also pursuing to see if there was criminality in … [Cuomo’s] sexual harassment. And I think that this must continue. We must push for those answers.”

via Newsmax:

According to a report issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office on the “Nursing Home Response to [the] COVID-19 Pandemic,” the number of deaths attributed to nursing homes as a result of COVID-19 was underreported by 55.74%. According to the OAG report, the New York Department of Health stated that 1,229 people died from COVID-19 associated with nursing homes. But what the attorney general’s report reveals is that upon closer inspection, the actual number was 1,914 deaths. That’s a marked difference of over 50%.

That report was issued on Jan. 28. According to a timeline provided by New York news station CBS 2, on Feb. 12, Melissa DeRosa, then Cuomo’s top aide, issued a statement explaining that the Cuomo’s administration delayed delivery of the nursing home data for fear it would be “used against” them by the Trump administration.

Ron Kim, a member of the New York State Assembly, did not agree with DeRosa’s statements, saying that “you can’t hide information because you think you could be politically hurt in the process.”

The families of people who died because of how Cuomo handled nursing homes during the COVID pandemic deserve to have some closure and a bit of justice for what happened to them.

It’s time to hold public officials accountable for the actions they take during their years in office.

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