Rep. Nunes Says Coronavirus Likely A Lab Leak, But Not On Purpose

Rep. Devin Nunes recently told Newsmax that he believes the COVID-19 virus was the result of a leak at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, but doesn’t think the illness was released on purpose. Instead, he blames the ordeal on ineptitude due to socialist bureaucracy.

via Newsmax:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said recently he doesn’t believe the Chinese government would purposely release the deadly virus on its own people. Nunes on Thursday told “Spicer & Co.” hosts Sean Spicer and Lindsay Keith that as former House Intelligence chair and current ranking member, he has seen investigations going back 10 years on China.

Three weeks ago we came out with a report with a letter to Biden asking questions that he couldn’t answer,” Nunes said. “Since then you’ve seen a cascade in a breaking of the dam that … maybe the Chinese are responsible for this.”

He noted that both Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and himself have long cited circumstantial evidence pointing to a possible lab leak. But Democrats, the scientific community and the mainstream press have insisted such talk was based only on conspiracy theories.

“I don’t think they released it on purpose,” Nunes went on to say during the interview. ” I think what probably did happen is that they were developing something that they probably shouldn’t have been involved in. We knew that this lab had a lot of issues with security. … Our own state department employees that went out there said, ‘Hey, this doesn’t look very safe.’ I think that was in 2017.”

Nunes says that what probably happened was that things being done in the Wuhan lab weren’t safe, folks here in the United States knew it wasn’t safe, but “We were giving them money. People within our own government knew that it wasn’t safe. We probably shouldn’t have been working on gain of function type activities because we had actually outlawed it in this country for a short amount of time.”

“So it probably was an accident that quite frankly, socialists and inefficient governments tend to have bureaucracies that don’t work,” the congressman said.

Nunes was then asked about what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to say about Dr. Fauci and how he has been an “undeniable asset and our country’s pandemic response.”

“I believe that if the Republicans win in 2022, if we can take control the House and especially, if we take control of the Senate, I don’t think you will see Fauci or [National Institutes of Health Director Francis] Collins around any longer,” he stated. “In fact, I think they’re going to become a liability so much so that they’ll probably be gone before the next election.”

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