Rep. Ralph Norman Says It’s Unacceptable For Olympic Athletes To Disrespect American Flag

Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican from the great state of South Carolina, recently made an appearance on Newsmax where he stated that it is unacceptable for Olympic athletes to openly disrespect the American flag which “people have fought and died for,” referring to some of these individuals who have stated that they plan on, or already have, participated in anti-American protests.

”To have our country, who is the beacon of hope for so many, to have the athletes … it’s a privilege, not a right, to compete. They earned that right, but they do it in universities and in states of higher learning that are paid for by taxpayers, which represent the American way of life,” Norman stated during an interview on Monday edition ofNewsmax’s ”American Agenda.”

”If you want your five minutes of fame, go do it somewhere else. Don’t do it on the national stage like this. There’s no place for it, and it’s time for it to end,” Norman continued.

via Newsmax:

Norman is one of several GOP lawmakers threatening to dissolve and replace the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee board of directors if its leadership does not take disciplinary action against athletes who protest.

In a letter to the USOPC, Norman and the other lawmakers said they have ”serious concerns about radical, anti-American statements” recently made by Olympic athletes and asked the board to enforce Article 50 of the IOC rules, which prohibits ”demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” from ”any Olympic sites, venues, or other areas.”

”The Empowering Olympic, Paralympic, and Amateur Athletes Act, enacted in October 2020, gives Congress the power, through a joint resolution, to dissolve the USOPC Board of Directors, terminate recognition of the USOPC as a national governing body of the U.S. Olympic teams, and replace the dissolved committee with a governing body that can adequately represent America and its athletes on the world stage,” they wrote.

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry caused quite a bit of controversy when she decided to turn her back to the flag at the Olympic trials back in June. Transgender BMX freestyle rider Chelsea Wolfe stated that “she” wanted to win in order to get on stage and burn a flag on the podium.


Because “she” is unhappy about Trump’s position on transgender females in sports. Newsflash. Anyone who isn’t a science denier and doesn’t have mental health issues will take the same position.

Norman then went on to urge these athletes not to take the stage if they win or place.

”Let politics stay out of it. If they disagree, then there’s a time and a place for them to get involved … and work for what they think is the right way to do it. Not on the Olympic stage,” he concluded.


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