Rep. Ronny Jackson Says Biden’s Cognitive Issues Are Going To Get Worse

According to Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House physician for both President Donald Trump and Barack Obama, stated that the American people deserve to have an objective assessment of President Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, especially after the way he performed during the G-7 summit last week, noting that his issues are only going to get work.

“He’s always made gaffes, but these are really different right now,” the Texas Republican stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “He seems confused about where he’s at and what he’s doing.”

While the president was in Europe, Biden “didn’t look like he was in control … he’s not inspiring confidence to our allies and he’s sending the wrong message to our adversaries,” Jackson said.

When Donald Trump was serving as president, Jackson gave him a cognitive screening to test his abilities after liberals cried out about some of the actions he was taking while in office. The congressman stated that the former president scored 30 out of 30, a perfect score.

via Newsmax:

The test isn’t a “detailed, aggressive cognitive assessment,” but a “screening tool,” that is much like other screenings done for cancer or heart disease during a physical, said Jackson.

The lawmaker also said he thought it was “concerning” when Biden forgot Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s name while introducing him during his announcement about him, and “forgot the name of the Pentagon.”

“I think that raises a lot of red flags,” the former White House physician said. “I think these things are going to continue to get worse. He’s working in a very protected environment right now. They’re only rolling him out on certain days when I think he has good days. They’re giving him prescreened questions from the press, on who to call on and giving him talking points for each of the questions, and even then, he’s struggling.”

And with the G-7, Biden’s weaknesses were exposed on a world stage, which is “unfortunate” for the United States, said Jackson.

“We’re being tested every day” he said, by Russia, China, and Iran, and “we are not inspiring the confidence in our allies and we’re sending the wrong message,” the congressman continued. “We’re not passing the tests that are being put before us.”

Jackson then noted that he believes even Democrats are going to start demanding to have answers concerning some of the president’s capabilities as the months of his administration roll by.

“I would say, just stand by,” Jackson went on to say. “I’ll come back on your show in the next 12 months or so and we’ll talk about it again because it won’t just be me talking about it. It’ll be Democrats talking about it because this is going to get worse, not better.”

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