Reparations Advocate Joins the Biden Transition Team

It could very well be that the Democrats just managed to get their very own Trojan Horse of terrible, far-left ideas into the highest office in the land.

While it’s up to you to decide whether or not you believe that a lifelong career politician who is showing the obvious signs of dementia honestly won more votes than any president in the history of our country, he is nonetheless convinced he is the “president-elect” and has begun behaving accordingly.

This mostly involves putting together a transition team that is so far panning out to be every bit as radical as anticipated, indicating a Biden White House would be no different.

The Daily Caller reports that Mehrsa Baradaran has joined the Biden Department of Treasury review team and is ready to “hit the ground running on Day One,” which likely includes finding a way to tax millions of Americans on the sins of long-dead slave owners as she is an open advocate for slavery reparations.

Here we go, folks.

The Daily Caller explains:

Baradaran, a professor at the University of California Irvine School of Law, has called for reparations for black Americans to combat “white supremacy” and close the racial wealth gap.

The professor has argued that while a “full reparations program is necessary and theoretically justified,” a “housing grant might work as one solution to closing the racial wealth gap.”

Baradaran even called on Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to support reparations during the primary cycle.

Harris, herself the descendant of slave owners, has given vague, politician-like answers to the question of whether she would support pursuing slavery reparations.

“When you are talking about the years and years and years of trauma that were experienced because of slavery, because of Jim Crow and because of all that we have seen in terms of institutional and legal discrimination and racism, this is very real and it needs to be studied,” Harris said during the primaries. “And we need to look at exactly how the response should be played out.”

She left out that the legacy of slavery was due to her Democrat Party support for it.

Baradaran has also gone as far as to note candidate Biden’s failing mental agility when noting that he also avoided committal to reparations.

So here is someone who tried to pull the most progressive Senator in U.S. history further to the left, isn’t afraid to mock the projected president-elect’s intelligence while holding his feet to the flame of her progressive policy proposals, and she’s geared up and ready to make changes at the Department of the Treasury.

Buckle up, folks. It’s not about to get any more moderate in Washington, D.C. anytime soon should Biden prevail as the victor of the 2020 election.

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