Report Claims Chinese Communist Party’s Media Outlets Promoting ‘Abolish Police’ Campaign

An op-ed published on April 30th called, “Police violence won’t end until we commit to public safety”  builds its entire premise on the popular leftist argument for getting rid of all police forces in the country.

That argument? Apparently police are inherently racist because, according to this piece, they developed from slave patrols.

“Not until policing is seen for what it is, a tool to maintain an unequal social order and not an institution sworn and committed to public safety, can we begin to get solutions that move us in the direction of justice,” the op-ed published on the China Global Television Network (CGTN) tells us.

The piece in question, written by Ray Baker who works as an Adjunct Professor at Towson University, seems to conflate police officers with slave patrols, both of which “fulfilled dual capitalist aims.” Baker goes on to fuse the “slave patrol” nonsense with the “worker solidarity garbage of Marx.

“It’s important to remember the origins of modern United States policing. Many American observers make the connection between police and slave patrols. What’s sometimes missing in this observation is the function of slave patrol as a labor and social hierarchy question. Those who claimed humans as property were incentivized to ensure those humans would not flee. This created a job for overseeing and policing enslaved workers. Who better to fill that job than white workers who couldn’t sell their labor for fair wages because enslaved labor depressed wages. This creates a labor force of workers whose job it is to ensure enslaved workers produce at unprecedented levels and never take flight. Perfect for oligarchs committed to fracturing any potential of worker solidarity,” Baker goes on to write.

“To demand accountability and justice from policing would be to abolish policing as we know it,” the CTGN article says in conclusion.

“Another example of the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to inflame racial tensions in the U.S., the piece cautions that the lesson to white Americans must be that your whiteness will not save you’ before detailing society’s ‘pervasive anti-Blackness,” the National Pulse report says.

“Black Americans being disproportionately the victims of police violence is reflective of the continued belief that Black Americans are others, behaving outside the norm of the social order. This pervasive anti-Blackness in law enforcement is sustained regardless of the race or ethnicity of the officers. This is because officers of all ethnic, gender and religious backgrounds are dedicated to maintaining social order. The violence against Black Americans that comes from maintaining social order is par for the course,” the  piece says.


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