REPORT: Number Of Drug Overdoses In San Francisco “Dwarfed” COVID-19 Deaths for 2020

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

They say socialism kills.

Clearly, so does it’s not-so-distant cousin, modern leftist progressivism.

In few places are these dangerous policies so prevalently damaging as liberal utopia San Francisco, where homeless encampments and sidewalk feces have become as emblematic of the City by the bay as cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge.

So far in 2020, amid the pandemic that California’s Gavin Newsom has deemed so deadly he’s been flirting with completely shutting down the entire state since late March, deaths from drug overdoses significantly outweighed deaths from the novel coronavirus.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported over the weekend that over 621 people have died of drug overdoses this year as compared to just 173 COVID-19 deaths in the city.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The newspaper noted that these numbers put the city on track for losing nearly two people a day by the end of the year—how are those safe injection sites working out, Mayor London Breed?

The most common culprit for these deaths is the notorious fentanyl, and there are no doubt junkies overdosing in the streets and allies around City Hall where previous pro-illegal immigration marches have tread, led by clueless liberals who oppose the kind of border policies that would thwart the flow of this deadly narcotic into our country.

Meanwhile, the city doles out all kinds of handouts to the crippling homeless and drug-addicted population.

On Thursday, a report from the Centers for Disease Control revealed that “approximately 81,230 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in the 12-months ending in May 2020,” which is a new record.

“The increases in drug overdose deaths appear to have accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the CDC noted.

Memo to overdose deaths: You have been relegated to a back page news story. Right after death notices.

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