Report Reveals Man Accused Of Anti-Asian Attack In New York Was Out On Parole For Killing His Mother

A homeless man who was accused of brutally assaulting a 65-year-old Asian-American woman in New York City on Monday was actually out on parole for killing his own mother.

A report from Breitbart reveals, “The man, Brandon Elliot, 38, was arrested and faces multiple charges, including felony assault as a hate crime, separate assault and attempted assault, and attempted assault as a hate crime, the New York Times reported.”

“Elliot was living at a Midtown Manhattan hotel serving as a homeless shelter when police said he was caught on surveillance footage punching and kicking Vilma Kari, 65, who was walking down the street Monday morning in front of an apartment building,” the report continues.

“The video provided by NYPD CrimeStoppers showed the man kicking Kari in the chest outside the apartment building. After she collapsed on the sidewalk, the suspect then kicked her repeatedly in the head,” Katherine Rodriguez writes in the piece.

An official with the local police department stated that the man started using profane language and then said, “You don’t belong here.”

Several workers inside the lobby of the apartment building saw the whole thing, but didn’t take any sort of action to intervene and stop things from getting worse. The Brodsky Organization, which is the apartment building’s management company, stated that these employees who witnessed the attack had been suspended pending an investigation.

“Kyle Bragg, the president of the union representing staff members, issued a statement saying the staff had immediately called for help and urged people ‘to avoid a rush to judgement’ until the investigation was over,” Breitbart’s report said.

A bunch of the tenants in the building put out a statement on Wednesday showing their support for the employees, saying that security footage released by local law enforcement did not accurately show the full extent of the staff’s response.

Wonder if those same tenants feel that way about the George Floyd video that everybody jumped to conclusion about without all the facts?

“Upon review of the FULL video-recorded incident, we do not believe the 360 West doormen staff have failed us as residents, our Midtown Manhattan community, nor our fellow AAPI New Yorkers,” the statement read.

Forget any legal requirement to come to the aid of a person who is injured. What does it say however about the moral or ethical compass of the employees and residents of the building who have no problem with looking the other way. They should have been asked when it would have been appropriate for employees to assist a woman laying in the sidewalk bleeding and in obvious need of assistance?

Just trying to find the bottom floor of their ethical and moral elevator. Maybe there is none.

The victim, Kari, went to the hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. She was released on Tuesday evening according to officials working at NYU Langone Hospital.

Too bad she wasn’t armed with a handgun. We may have had a different outcome.


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