Reporter Rips Mask Off Whitmer’s COVID Hypocrisy

Kyle Olson, a reporter for Breitbart News that originally broke the story concerning Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer going out to a bar and breaking her own COVID orders, recently sat down for an interview with Newsmax about the incident that ripped the mask off the tyrant-in-training’s hypocrisy.

Olson, appearing on the “Stinchfield” program, kicked things off by saying, “This is just another example of where she hasn’t lived by her own rules.”

Whitmer issued an apology on Sunday after a photo surfaced of her violating state-mandated social distancing guidelines while visiting an East Lansing restaurant.

The picture, which was obtained by Breitbart News, showed Whitmer, a Democrat, hanging out with a large group of unmasked friends at the Landshark Bar & Grill.

Olson stated in his report that the group photo — featuring 13 people — violated Whitmer’s restaurant capacity orders that were issued on May 15 which included, “gathering limitations for entertainment establishments, recreational establishments, and food service establishments.”

Whiter then apologized for the photo, stating that the whole thing was “an honest mistake,” before joking, “They have pretty good pizza.”

Olson was not amused.

“She’s arrogant. She thinks she’s above her rules. She thinks she’s above the law. She doesn’t have to answer to anybody. And is this is her response: ’I apologize. I’m human. I think we should all show some grace to each other.’ That’s her attitude now. But she hasn’t shown any grace to business owners, to families who have nursing home patients, to kids who are in school, to parents who are trying to work when their kids are not in school. She hasn’t shown any grace to those people,” he said.

“And for her to turn this into an advertisement for this dive bar in East Lansing, Michigan. It’s a joke. But it just shows she is not taking this seriously, which is why I think people now in Michigan are not taking her order seriously,” he added.

“And so, it was another example of hypocrisy. And I think what is so frustrating to people is that she comes up with these crazy orders about the number of people that can be at a table, how close tables can be together… But she is not willing to live by those very own rules. And that’s why today she came out and said she was going to end that rule – the very same rule that she violated,” the reporter stated.

“And this is just the latest example of where she has been exposed as a hypocrite. She has been caught lying about her trips and all of those things. It’s not going to end,” Olson stated.

“You know, back before spring break she came up in Michigan, where I live, and she said: ‘Don’t go to Florida. There’s a variant raging there.’ She was basically blaming Gov. (Ron) DeSantis. Yet, what she didn’t tell us was that just a couple of weeks prior to that, she took a secret trip to Florida on a private jet. She wanted to do it undercover and not be noticed,” the Breitbart News reporter concluded.

Olson is right on the money.

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