Reports Stated President Biden’s New Infrastructure Plan Focuses On ‘Racial Equity’

President Joe Biden’s massive $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, which is being called the “American Jobs Plan,” spends a whole lot on promising to address the issue of “racial equity.”

All Biden has done since January 20th is spend other people’s money and lots of it, on his purely partisan initiatives. But I digress.

Breitbart News explains in their report that the usage of the term “equity” is not the same thing as the word “equality.” When this documentation refers to racial equity, that word in the phrase denotes a willingness to sacrifice the concept of equality before the law as a means of providing benefits for those who are members of groups that have been deemed to suffer from “historic disadvantages.”

Here are some examples from the documentation that show the emphasis on racial “equity,” “inequity,” “injustice,” or “inequality.”

“Like great projects of the past, the President’s plan will unify and mobilize the country to meet the great challenges of our time: the climate crisis and the ambitions of an autocratic China. It will invest in Americans and deliver the jobs and opportunities they deserve. But unlike past major investments, the plan prioritizes addressing long-standing and persistent racial injustice,” the infrastructure plan says.

Eliminate racial and gender inequities in research and development and science, technology, engineering, and math. Discrimination leads to less innovation: one study found that innovation in the United States will quadruple if women, people of color, and children from low-income families invented at the rate of groups who are not held back by discrimination and structural barriers,” the plan reads.

“The President’s plan includes $20 billion for a new program that will reconnect neighborhoods cut off by historic investments and ensure new projects increase opportunity, advance racial equity and environmental justice, and promote affordable access,” it says.

“President Biden is calling on Congress to provide the federal government with the tools it needs to ensure employers are providing workers with good jobs – including jobs with fair and equal pay, safe and healthy workplaces, and workplaces free from racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination and harassment. In addition to a $10 billion investment in enforcement as part of the plan’s workforce proposals, the President is calling for increased penalties when employers violate workplace safety and health rules,” the documentation adds.

There are nine total instances of this kind of language being used in the plan. These are just a few of the examples from its pages. Think that over a little bit. This is a huge part of the infrastructure plan, which is supposed to mainly be focused on American jobs.

It’s almost like the infrastructure plan is nothing more than a liberal wish list.

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