Residents Stuck Living Inside Of Minneapolis ‘No-Go Zone’ Are Speaking Out

A resident who is stuck inside the “no-go zone” located in the city of Minneapolis recently wrote in a Facebook post that she and her fiance will be dealing with “the emotional trauma of this for a very long time.”

Their home, located on East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue South, which just happens to be the intersection where George Floyd died, is now surrounded by barricades and is being patrolled by black-bloc activists who have turned the area into an autonomous zone. More like a cultural dysfunction zone.

According to Alpha News, the area is now informally known as the “no-go zone” due to reports coming out of that location indicating law enforcement officers are hesitant to answer calls that come from within the zone or the ones brave enough to venture out that direction are usually met with resistance when they attempt to help.

That Minneapolis police and elected officials allow this no-go zone to exist out side the city structure is untenable.

“Police were not allowed to get into the area,” said Kim Griffin, a family member of Imaz Wright, who was shot and killed in the area back on March 6.

A statement released by the police department revealed that officers said they “were met with interference at the scene” when they responded to Wright’s death, though spokesperson John Elder did not give any further elaboration. A reporter who went to the no-go zone was chased away while attempting to investigate what was happening there.

Hannah Bretz and her fiance say they are now “grappling with the fact” that they “own and live in a house that is in the middle of an autonomous zone with no end in sight.”

Bertz posted on Facebook that she was recently “trying out paint samples” on her basement just before Wright was killed and noted that she could hear the gunshots.

“This is the 4th violent death that has happened on our street in less than a year. This was not the first time I had to check to see if we needed to hide due to gunshots ringing out. Nor do I think that it will be the last,” she wrote in her post.

“When will I be able to sleep at night without nightmares? When will I be able to worry about small things like what’s for dinner? I so badly want the biggest thing in Phil’s and my lives to be the fact that we are getting married. Instead we are grappling with the fact that we own and live in a house in the middle of an autonomous zone with no end in sight,” Bretz wrote.

“An anonymous ‘collection of neighbors’ who live ‘adjacent to George Floyd Square’ said ‘police are met by hostile groups when responding to our repeated 911 calls’ in an op-ed published Monday in the Star Tribune,” AlphaNews reports.

“As neighbors of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, also known as George Floyd Square or the autonomous zone, we are witnessing a revolution by day and a devolution by night,” they wrote in their article, which went on to provide an account of all the  criminal activity that has happened in the zone over the past 10 days.

How ironic that the crime, violence and disorder going on inside this zoo is named after George Floyd. It is emblematic of the life of crime Floyd led.

Nothing is being done to bring this cultural rot, this lawless chaos to order. Until the good law abiding residents in this area rise up against the inmates of Black Lives Matter running the asylum, nothing will. If they do, they may not be able to count on law enforcement to back them up.

That is the injustice here.


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