Riot Declared In Portland Suburb One Day After Capitol Hill Siege

Earlier this month, a riot was declared in a Portland, Oregon suburb after local businesses and a police precinct were vandalized as part of another one of those “peaceful” protests.

As the nation was reacting to the news of the Capitol Hill riot over in Washington, D.C., the Portland area was ravaged with yet another “peaceful” protest.

Of course, the cause of such a “demonstration” was left-wing and such incidents have been ongoing in Rose City for months, so it barely made the news.

The Blaze reported that what had been originally organized as a protest on January 7th for the shooting of Jacob Ryan McDuff, who was killed in an officer-involved incident, quickly devolved into a riot because, well, that’s simply what always happens, isn’t it?

The evening prior at 4 pm, police responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex in the suburb southwest of Portland.

The 26-year-old was reported to be inside his vehicle with a knife, according to The Oregonian. Upon their arrival, they attempted to arrest McDuff on domestic violence charges.

“Police said they tried to take him into custody, and he refused to surrender. Tigard police shot and killed MacDuff during the struggle to arrest him,” the department explained.

The shooting occurred nearly two hours after law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Despite an ongoing investigation into the shooting, protests were quickly organized, because who needs facts when you can destroy a small business utterly unrelated to the incident over which you are outraged?

According to the police report, close to 100 individuals gathered around 8:30 PM and things quickly devolved into the usual terroristic unrest. Rioters showed up in Black Bloc, of course, and proceeded to vandalize the police headquarters.

Which is totally not an insurrection, you know, because they’re left-wing.

According to reports by KOIN, the vandals also spray painted the words “STOP KILLING PEOPLE AND WE WILL STOP RIOTING” at the entrance to a State Farm Insurance building, which is considerably more demanding than any request made of the Capitol Hill rioters—except, perhaps, the Antifa members who had joined in.

According to The Blaze, police arrested and charged 20-year-old Zane Saleem Bsoul with one count of rioting.

This event came not long after left-wing activists harassed Mayor Ted Wheeler in a restaurant.

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