RNC Chief McDaniel Takes A Big Shot At Biden’s ‘Open Borders Agenda’

Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee Chairwoman, totally destroyed President Joe Biden and his “open borders agenda” in a tweet focused on the fact that there has been more than 180,000 migrant encounters along the southern border in just the month of May.

Her tweet, published on Thursday, says, “In May, there were over 180K encounters at the border. That’s a new 21-year high. When will (Vice President Kamala) Harris admit the true ‘root cause’ of this border crisis is Biden’s open borders agenda?”

McDaniel’s comments come not long after the Customs and Border Protection agency announced Wednesday that they have had 180,034 encounters with illegals attempting to get into the United States via the southern border we share with Mexico back in May.

To put this into perspective, in May of last year there were just over 23,000 migrant encounters at the border. The previous there was 144,000.

It seems the Biden administration is still convinced that the current president’s policies aren’t the root cause of the problem at the border. According to them it’s poverty, violence, and climate change. Yes, you read that right. Climate change.

These people do not live in the real world.

Source: Newsmax

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