RNC: McCloskeys Say Dems Only Interested In Protecting Criminals, Not Law-Abiding Citizens

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year after being forced to defend their home with firearms against an angry mob shouting violent threats at them as they’d been eating their dinner.

On Monday, they addressed the 2020 Republican National Convention to voice their support for President Donald Trump where they warned that the Democrats are only interested in “protecting criminals from honest citizens.”

As BizPac Review notes, a video of the couple defending their St. Louis mansion with a rifle and a handgun back in June was been viewed over 15 million times on Twitter.

Despite Missouri law recognizing the McCloskey’s right to protect both their lives and their property, St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner (a Democrat whose campaign received donations from George Soros) filed felony weapons charges against the couple. Thankfully, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sought to dismiss these charges and Gov. Mike Parson has said they will be pardoned if convicted.

Patricia McCloskey explained that what happened to them can happen to anyone.

“What you saw happen to us could just as easily happen to any of you who are watching from quiet neighborhoods around our country,” she said.

Mark McCloskey added: “Whether it’s the defunding of police, ending cash bail so criminals could be released back out on the streets the same day to riot again, or encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets, it seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals, but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens.”

The former Democrats finished their speech with an emphatic endorsement for President Donald Trump.

The viral encounter began when a Black Lives Matter mob, that had supposedly been on its way to protest at St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home and broken down the gate into the McCloskey’s neighborhood.

“[They said] that they were going to kill us,” said Patricia McCloskey told Fox News’ “Hannity.”

BPR explains more:

Several protesters can be seen screaming at the McCloskeys while others are heard saying “keep moving,” according to video. “Private property, get out,” a barefoot Mark McCloskey is heard yelling to protesters while holding a rifle in separate footage of the incident.

Police seized the McCloskeys’ firearms in July and days later St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner filed felony weapons charges against the couple…

Trump called the charges “absolutely absurd,” according to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

The McCloskeys are a husband-wife attorney team at McCloskey Law Center who specialize in brain injury, spinal injury and catastrophic injury cases. Mark McCloskey is representing Isaiah Forman, a black man who alleges he was unjustly kicked by Officer David Maas in a 2019 incident, The Associated Press reported.

This couple is absolutely correct, as they were absolutely in their rights to defend their home. The Democrats are only interested in one thing: power. The less empowered the people are to defend their homes and persons, the more power the left has.

Are you going to give that power to them?

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