“Vaccines remain our best tool to fight this disease and come out of the pandemic,” the statement from In-N-Out continued. “Vaccination is particularly important in a public indoor setting where groups of people are gathering and removing their masks, factors that make it easier for the virus to spread. That is why San Francisco requires proof of vaccination for indoor dining. ”

The mandate in question was put in place earlier this year and has since been updated to match the current state of the pandemic in California.

“Also, this Order includes proof of vaccination requirements for patrons to use certain indoor facilities, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, and gyms, as well as for people attending large and mega indoor events. This Order includes recommendations to reduce COVID-19 risk, but not requirements, for individuals, businesses, and government entities,” a public health order put together by the city states.

A different section of the order, dated back to August, says, “As soon as possible, but no later than August 20, 2021, Covered Businesses must require all patrons age 12 and older to show proof that they are Fully Vaccinated before entering any indoor portion of a facility, subject only to the exceptions below and any applicable requirements of federal, state, or local laws requiring accommodation.”

It then goes on to say, “Dining establishments and bars that serve food may allow individuals wearing a Well-Fitted Mask to enter the indoor portion of the facility to order, pick up, or pay for food or drink “to go” without showing proof of Full Vaccination.”

Isn’t it just wonderful to see all of these folks, the silent majority, finally coming out of the darkness and standing up against all of this tyranny? The left may not realize it yet, but their actions are actually waking more and more people out of their political slumber.

Source: Daily Wire