Schools Are Still Locked Up In California And It’s Totally The Fault Of Teachers Unions

The California Teachers Association decided last week to start an advertising campaign that defends its position on the idea of reopening schools — they are against it — spending $93,000 in dues money for a 30 second ad geared toward reminding the general public that COVID-19 is still a real thing and it’s terrifying.

Of course, people are already well aware that COVID is real but they are hardly ever reminded that it has a 99.9% survival rate, but hey, propaganda and fear mongering are what the left does best, so it only makes sense that would be the sort of thing they would put out as an ad to raise public support for keeping schools locked down.

What these teachers unions are failing to realize is that the public is finding out rather quickly, thanks to science and various new studies, children aren’t the high-risk spreaders they were originally thought to be. Which means that if basic precautions are taken, schools can reopen and students can resume in-person learning.

According to Red State, The commercial did not go over very well with residents in the state. The video attempts to frame the whole piece by saying, “we want to re-open too,” noting that everyone has the same goal, the same desire, but it’s just not possible to have it.

The story goes on to note that this isn’t an impossibility due to the governor who is now in favor of reopening schools. It’s not an impossibility because of the CDC guidelines either. They too are saying schools with proper safety measures can get back to business.

It’s not even Joe Biden standing in the way. He’s sort of half in, half out when it comes to having schools open.

So what’s stopping schools from opening?

Teachers unions.

If new studies and comments made by the CDC have stated that its okay for kids to return to classrooms and teachers don’t have to be vaccinated to teach in-person, why are teachers wanting to go back? Because unions know if they go back, they risk losing the leverage they currently have that could help them bargain.

Parents are making it clear they are tired of special interest groups having so much sway over the education of their children. Too bad the same parents rarely turn out for school board elections. Teachers do and thus control the school boards.

The fact the CTA ad has 94 dislikes compared to 12 likes tells you all you need to know about how the public received this message. Here are some comments from parents left on the ad that illustrates this point.

“Parents do NOT agree with you!” Cynthia Sanchez stated.

“You should be ashamed. We follow science. You apparently don’t care about facts OR kids,” said Melanie Ropelato.

“Many schools in CA that don’t have teachers in your union have already safely reopened: private schools, public schools in various districts, catholic and religious schools, also schools in other states and other countries. Not to mention day cares, childcare centers, etc…. our county even says it’s safe to fully reopen now! Enough is enough! You, teacher’s union, are SHAMELESS!” Beatris Khodadadi exclaimed.

Having schools on lockdowns, according to studies, is hurting children and communities in many different ways. Emergency rooms are reporting a 24 percent increase in mental health-related visits from kids between the ages of 5 to 11 compared to last year. The increase among older kids is higher than that at 31 percent.

There are estimated to be 3 million vulnerable students, meaning they are homeless, in foster care, or have a disability  or currently learning English, that aren’t in school at all right now.

It’s time for the lockdowns to end or have school funding cut and teachers laid off or better yet, fired.


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