Seattle Antifa Employ Wall of Umbrellas As Tactical Shield Against Police. It Doesn’t Go Well.

While Antifa rioters have been employing increasingly militant tactics to attack law enforcement officials and prevent measures taken to disperse their criminal activities, they’re still rather wet behind the ears.

After all, these are people who likely spend most of their time in their parents’ basements harassing strangers online.

This is very much their first rodeo.

But it certainly isn’t for the Seattle Police Department, who has not only been doing this all summer, we can only imagine they have very little patience at this point.

Western Journal reports that Seattle police effortlessly thwarted a wall of umbrellas used by Antifa “protesters” on Labor Day.

Local KIRO-TV reported that about 300 people had marched from Seattle’s International District to the Seattle Police Officers Guild building.

They blocked traffic going north and south on 4th Avenue South which runs in front of the guild building. Why weren’t they stopped and disbursed before reaching their intended destination? This is a police strategic tactical error. These rioters should have been dispersed before reaching the police union building. If the police did not know, then it was an intelligence failure.

“Police said they arrested a number of rioters outside of the police union building because they refused to disperse after throwing rocks, bottles and homemade explosives at police,” KIRO-TV reported.

The police reportedly blasted country music from the building and, well, got to work.

The only reason that these idiots have been allowed to rage as much as they have is because of leaders who would prefer police keep their hands tied.

In Portland, after all, the mayor has banned the use of tear gas to contain the rioters, who have caused damage in the downtown district for over 100 days.

Democrats insist that these people are “peaceful,” yet they can regularly be observed hurling projectiles and explosives at officers of the peace.

It’s well past time to let police officers live up to their sworn duty to protect life and property and be successful in that mission. Law and order could be restored within a week.

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