Sen. Joni Ernst Scorches Opponent’s Claim That There’s “Systemic Racism” In Law Enforcement

The general election is just a matter of days away at this point, and it appears that one of the most decisive issues Americans are faced with this fall is whether to back candidates who support law enforcement—or candidates who push radical, anti-cop rhetoric and debunked claims of “systemic racism.”

One Senate candidate, Theresa Greenfield (D), who is running to oust Sen. Joni Ernst (R), is being accused of turning on Iowa’s law enforcement to impress wealthy Washington DC elites after declaring that there is “systemic racism” in the state’s police.

In an interview in September, Breitbart reports, Greenfield declared, “I do believe that we have to address systemic racism in policing but also in healthcare, in housing, in education, in lending. Black and brown Americans have suffered from discrimination — and Iowans — for generations too long, and we do need to take action.”

“I’ll tell you what, we did a pretty good job on a first step here in Iowa. I’ve talked to our Black legislative leaders, and they worked hard to pass the Plan for a More Perfect Union, which requires racial bias training, de-escalation training, banning chokeholds and some other things,” she continued.

“I think there’s no reason we can’t take those kinds of common sense reforms nationally,” she added.

The ad features the words of LEOs responding to Greenfield’s radical views.

“Being a cop these days is hard enough. So it doesn’t help when liberals like Theresa Greenfield call us racist,” said law enforcement officer Justin.

“Just to impress the Washington liberals funding her campaign, she attacked police and called us racist.”

Retired Iowa State Patrol, Clel said that: “Greenfield says there’s systemic racism in Iowa law enforcement. That’s offensive.”

“Theresa Greenfield lied about Iowa law enforcement…”

“…to raise campaign money,” finished Justin.

Ernst said in June that calls to defund the police are “dangerous.”

Let’s be clear: defunding the police is an absurd and radical position. Certainly improvements and changes are needed to make our communities safer, but liberals’ radical call to abolish, defund, and disband our men and women in blue is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.

“Will Theresa Greenfield join me in denouncing calls to defund or abolish our police officers?” she asked rhetorically? Of course not. Greenfield cannot benefit politically doing that.

Let’s pump the brakes a little here and drill down into the snake oil that Greenfield is peddling . First, a recent Gallup poll taken in July after the riots showed that 80% of black residents polled want more police presence in their neighborhoods and are not in favor of defunding police departments.

Additionally If Theresa Greenfield believed that all this systemic racism and injustice was going on, why has she only now become “woke” to it? Why did she not say anything about it before running for the US Senate? It’s called opportunism and exploitation of minority misery under her Democrat Party’s rule. Was this injustice going on when Barack Obama was President?

Second, is playing identity politics really what the black legislative leaders in her state believe is a priority for the black community? Did they say anything about fatherless homes, school failure, high rates of crime and violence or encouraging young black males to make better lifestyle choices than joining gangs or using and selling drugs?

Theresa Greenfield’s campaign theme is to keep black people in Iowa tethered to the plantation of liberal ideology that has destroyed the black family and its community.

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