Sen. Rick Scott Shreds Biden, Harris; Says They Must ‘Stop Avoiding’ The Border Crisis

Sen. Rick Scott has released a statement from his office that states President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris must take a trip down to the southern border and “take real steps” to stem the flow of illegals that are flooding into the country.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are more than willing to travel abroad, but they can’t be bothered to visit our own border where a crisis they created is raging,” the Florida Republican went on to say.

“More than 180,000 illegal aliens tried to cross our southern border last month, threating our national security and the safety of American families. This has to stop. Biden and Harris need to stop avoiding this crisis, stop laughing off this threat, get down to the border and take real steps to address securing the border. American families deserve better,” he added.

In a tweet that was published on Thursday, Scott said, “As the crisis at our southern border rages on, @VP laughs it off. Her failure to visit the border & address the crisis she & @POTUS created is shameful.”

“It’s time the Biden admin takes this crisis seriously & secures the border NOW,” he wrote.

The comments from Scott come as the Customs and Border Protection agency announced on Wednesday that a staggering 180,034 folks were encountered attempting to get into the country at the southern border we share with Mexico back in May.

To give you some perspective, in May of 2020, there were only 23,000 migrant encounters at the border, and 144,000 the year before that.

Scott took Harris to the woodshed Tuesday, saying “she’ll do anything to avoid taking responsibility and showing real leadership.”


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