Sen. Tim Scott Slams Biden’s ‘Socialist’ Policies In New RNC Television AD

A brand new television advertisement paid for by the Republican National Convention features rising conservative powerhouse Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina, laying the smackdown on President Biden’s socialist policies, which he says are tearing the country to pieces.

Scott recently delivered the GOP rebuttal to the president’s joint address to Congress back in April. Some audio from that is used in the ad.

via Newsmax:

“A president who promised to bring us together should not be pushing agendas that tear us apart,” Scott says as migrants arriving at the Southern border, missile strikes on Israel, and a line of cars waiting for gas following a ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline are seen in the video.

“Our best future will not come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams. It will come from you, the American people. The best is yet to come.”

The new 30-second ad, a seven-figure video, was provided exclusively to the Washington Examiner. It will run on cable networks during this non-election year.

“Joe Biden has offered nothing but divisive partisanship and failed policies,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went on to say. “With Americans more divided than ever, thanks to his failed leadership, the Republican Party is proud to offer a better vision for America, which is why we are bringing our conservative message of unity and prosperity to the national airwaves. Our winning Republican agenda will triumph over Democrats’ politics of division and lead our nation towards a better, brighter future.”

The Republican Party isn’t wasting a second as they prepare for the battle ahead in 2022, with the goal in mind of retaking the House and the Senate.

Some folks, like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, think there’s a possibility that Scott could run for president in 2024.

“I have never been more confident in the American family,” Scott commented in a statement. “Republicans have proven to the nation that conservative solutions and commonsense policies could lift millions out of poverty, create a more inclusive economy, and chart a direct path to the American Dream.”

“Our future is in the hands of everyday Americans working hard to support their families and give back to their communities. With Republicans at the helm, we’ll make sure they have every opportunity to succeed,” he continued.

If Scott does decide to run, it will mean that the pool of potential candidates for president is expanding with very high quality individuals. There’s also talk that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis might run as well. If Trump doesn’t give 2024 a shot, we’ve got some pretty good secondary options.

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