Senates Slaps Down Measure To Restart Building Border Wall

Senate Democrats have now blocked a new measure that would have required the federal government to restart building on the wall along the southern border and then put in place other security measures designed to help stop the influx of illegal immigration.

Lawmakers struck down the provision during a 48-49 vote. The provision in question was written by GOP Sen. Ron Johnson that would have stopped the federal government from being able to cancel the construction contracts made to erect the wall and put in place security measures that would bring the border crisis to an end.

via Washington Examiner:

Johnson offered the provision as an amendment to a $1.2 trillion infrastructure measure the Senate is aiming to pass by next week.

President Joe Biden canceled the construction of the border wall when he took office in January.

Illegal immigration this year has surged to historic levels, and the flow of migrants has overwhelmed the Border Patrol and immigration officials. More than 200 miles of border wall remains incomplete, and construction material has been left sitting on the ground, thanks to Biden’s directive.

“This administration is in a complete state of denial regarding the crisis that is on the border,” Johnson went on to say on Wednesday. “President Biden is the root cause of this crisis.”

Johnson then stated that U.S. is currently averaging more than 6,000 apprehensions on a daily basis.

“There was a time when securing the border was a nonpartisan issue,” Johnson stated, then noting the border security legislation that was proposed 15 years ago that Democrats, including our current president, backed.

Democrats turned down the restarting of the border construction project, stating the $10 billion of the funding was wrongfully redirected by former President Donald Trump from military accounts and then aimed them at what they referred to as “well-connected contractors.”

West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, who just happens to be a key infrastructure negotiator, threw her support behind the amendment proposed Johnson’s amendment.

Capito said forthcoming numbers on border apprehensions in July will likely top 6,000 and that 150 miles of wall funding already approved by Congress are now in jeopardy as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have poured over the border.

“The border wall is infrastructure,” Capito went on to say. “It’s infrastructure to keep America safe. It’s infrastructure to prohibit drugs from entering the country, and it’s infrastructure to control illegal immigration.”

It seems pretty obvious that the left does not care about our country or our safety and security. If they did, they would implement not only border wall construction, but also the policies of Trump that helped contain these kind of crossings during his administration.

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