Shocking Zogby Poll Shows Spike In Trump Approval Rating Among Minorities

For all the emotionally-charged, inflammatory rhetoric about race that has yet again infused our election season, it appears that the left’s narratives are no longer sticking.

The Democrats have taken minority support for granted for far too long, and apparently assumed that minority voters would never find out.

Things are changing.

According to a shocking new poll from Zogby Analytics, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached a new high of 52% among blacks, Hispanics, and urban dwellers, WND reports.

Trump’s approval is 36% among blacks, 37% among Hispanics, and, amazingly, a 25% approval rating among all Democrats.

That’s pretty high for a man who is hated so fiercely by the Democrat elite. Could the “Orange Man Bad” approach finally be failing as voters assess the facts and policies for themselves?

Zogby told Paul Bedard, who reported the results in his Washington Examiner column, that Trump’s law-and-order message is attracting voters as violence rages in cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon.

Bedard explained that Trump is being “buoyed by blacks and independent voters, as well as urban dwellers shocked by the Black Lives Matter protest violence raging in some cities.”

What’s more, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found Joe Biden did not experience the expected poll bounce following last week’s Democratic National Convention.

“Pollsters have been somewhat at a loss to explain the rise of Trump’s approval ratings, considering that there has been little positive news to help his standings other than the peace deal he helped negotiate between Israel and the United Arab Emirates,” Bedard wrote.

Zogby noted that our nation is currently a “polarized a nation, on a level not seen since the Civil War.”

He also said that his and other polls have confirmed the nation is divided almost cleanly down the middle politically and that, in spite of some showing a significant lead for Biden, the race is very close.

Zogby characterized the battle as being for the 10%-20% late deciding voters, who could delay their decision until Election Day.

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