SICK: Americans Chant “Death to America” In the Streets of Oakland

Over the weekend, demonstrators in Oakland, California protesting alleged systemic racism in the freest nation on earth called for the death of said nation in a manner more akin to that of Iranian parliament than American citizens.

This may seem shocking, but is it any wonder that those who hate our country have become emboldened considering the rhetoric of the previous presidential administration?

Or decades of anti-American indoctrination in schools run by far-left bureaucrats who snub the Founding Fathers in favor of Howard Zinn and Marx?

BizPac Review reports:

Several videos of the protests were posted online to social media, and a number of people expressed their disagreement — not with the act of protesting, but with the message.

“The left has created a monster that they have lost complete control of,” Jason Howerton wrote. “I never thought I’d see people chanting “death to America” in the streets of America.”


Another Twitter user compared the march and the ‘death to America’ message to one you are more likely to hear on the streets of Tehran, Iran.

“Iran agrees with you. Go move there,” the Comical Conservative wrote.


“I’m fine importing Iran’s excellent cuisine and culture but maybe not their political slogans,” another user said.

“There are many proud, patriotic Americans on the Left, and I don’t see value in holding them responsible for sentiments they don’t condone. But it remains true that virtually every flag burning, America-denouncing protest is either of the Left, or otherwise defended by it,” another user pointed out.


Other Twitter users weighed in on this disgusting display of ignorance:




Another Twitter user pointed to the sage words of conservative economist, academic, and author Thomas Sowell.

“Our children and grandchildren may yet curse the day we began hyping race and ethnicity. There are countries where that has led to slaughters in the streets but you cannot name a country where it has led to greater harmony,” Sowell once wrote.

If only Sowell’s works replaced that of Zinn in our public schools, generations might actually appreciate the amazing blessing that is living in the United States. It reminds me of a phrase from that same sixties era. America, love it or leave it.

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