Social Media Giants Facebook And Instagram Once Again Block Users From Sharing NY Post Report, This Time About BLM Co-Founder’s Property Purchases

For the second time in less than a year, the censors who work over at social media giants Facebook and Instagram have decided that a report from the New York Post concerning the multi-million dollar real estate purchases of one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement is not something users need to be aware of, thus they have blocked users from sharing the story.

Of course, we all remember just a few months back when social media also made the decision that users didn’t need to know about Hunter Biden’s laptop and all of the information it contained that proved Joe Biden was using his political power and connections to broker lucrative deals with China before a major election.

According to the New York Post, “The $3.2 million real estate spending spree of BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is newsworthy for two reasons. One, she’s an avowed Marxist, and as a public figure, it’s legitimate to question whether she’s practicing what she preaches. Secondly, as the article details, the finances of Black Lives Matter are opaque, a mixture of for-profits and tax-free nonprofits, and they don’t reveal how much its executives are paid. Are the people donating to BLM helping to pay for these properties?”

“We reached out to Khan-Cullors for comment before publication; she didn’t respond. After it was posted, her organization put out a statement saying yes, she used to take a salary from BLM but doesn’t anymore, and the money she used to buy property came from her private income for book and development deals. Take the organization’s word for it. We added the response in full to our online article post-publication,” the report continued.

Khan-Cullors then accused the NY Post of being “abusive” and somehow putting her in danger, despite the fact that none of the photographs of her homes show any address.  All of the information on the whereabouts of these properties is available as a matter of public record. She specializes in victimology.

“Khan-Cullors’ lawyers apparently got a more sympathetic ear at Facebook, however, and five days after the article was published, it suddenly decided that it clashed with its ‘community standards.’ ‘This content was removed for violating our privacy and personal information policy,’ Facebook writes,” the report added.

There are many different publications out there that often post about the real estate purchases of famous people. Will the standard that was applied to the New York Post also apply to these publications moving forward? Of course not. Those things aren’t “political.”

“It again highlights just how much power these social media companies have over our lives and our nation. They monopolized the market and became the main aggregators of news,” the New York Post said.

Big Tech has a vested interest in keeping alive this sham of systemic racism fairy tale in America on behalf of the Democrat party. They cannot allow Khan-Cullors’ credibility to be destroyed.

“In public, they claim to be “neutral” and that they aren’t making editorial decisions in a cynical bid to stave off regulation or legal accountability that threatens their profits. But they do act as publishers — just very bad ones. While failing abysmally for years to stop the torrent of truly harmful pedophilic, violent, personally abusive, terroristic, wildly inaccurate and hateful content that spews onto their platforms daily, they’ll step in to censor and cover for Joe Biden. They’ll cover for China. And now they’ll cover for Black Lives Matter,” the report continued.

Right on the money. This is all about furthering their political agenda. Anything that can do that while helping to create a false narrative that hides the bad and the ugly of the left’s favorite activists is worthy work. Or so they believe.


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