Soros-Backed Los Angeles District Attorney Immediately Ends Cash Bail, Bans Prosecutors From Seeking Death Penalty

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

On Monday, George Gascon, a George Soros-backed progressive, was sworn in as District Attorney for the City of Los Angeles.

Naturally, he immediately ended the use of cash bail for most crimes and prohibited prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in any new cases.

According to Breitbart, Gascon appears to be set to do for Los Angeles what he did for San Francisco, a city “now synonymous with petty crime, drug abuse, and sidewalk defecation.”

Gascon beat out incumbent DA Jackie Lacey, the first African American woman to hold the office. This change was heavily supported by California’s left-wing establishment and Black Lives Matter activists, while being funded by billionaire George Soros to the tune of millions of dollars.

While LA Mayor Eric Garcetti originally backed Lacey, he was eventually persuaded to ditch her and get behind Gascon. His decision also followed a summer full of protests and riots.

Now that Gascon has been sworn in, he’s wasting no time instituting massive progressive changes.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Gascon “announced sweeping policy changes as he took office Monday” and pointed out that he ended the use of cash bail “in the nation’s largest court system” and his ban “on his prosecutors seeking sentencing enhancements in nearly all cases.”

Gascon also plans to “bring an end to misdemeanor prosecutions of most first-time, nonviolent offenders.”

Throughout his campaign against the incumbent DA, Lacey, which the Times called “contentious,” Gascon promised “more big changes” which included banning the death penalty and ending the “practice of trying juveniles as adults.”

As of Monday, it looks as though he has followed through on both of those campaign promises and more.

The changes are now drawing concerns from the ranks of the 1,200 deputy district attorneys who will now serve under Gascon. One of the chief complaints is that Gascon is planning to implement new changes without any input from the office he will now be overseeing.

Local Fox affiliate KTTV 11 gave further specifics on some of the changes. They reported that prosecutors will no longer be permitted to request cash bail for any misdemeanor, non-serious or non-violent offense, as per Gascon.

Prosecutors will still be allowed to request bail in very serious offenses “articulated in the constitution until Jan. 1” but that ultimately Gascon’s office will detail “infrastructure and specifics to end cash bail altogether, instead seeking detention when deemed necessary.”

As for ending “enhancements” on sentences, KTTV 11 reports that Gascon’s office says the enhancements, such as three strikes, “undermine rehabilitation, exacerbate racial inequalities and unnecessarily crowd jails and prisons.”

The outlet reports that this policy will be retroactive and “there could be up to 30,000 cases eligible for re-sentencing.”

While Soros has been spending millions of dollars backing left-wing, progressive prosecutors around the country and funding radical activists like Black Lives Matter, who cry for defunding the police, crime in major cities has sky-rocketed nationwide.

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