Stacey Abrams Calls GOP Election Integrity Laws “Jim Crow In A Suit and Tie”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The woman who refused to concede to her gubernatorial election and has claimed that racist voter ID laws were to blame is now accusing the GOP of pursuing further racist election law after the election that President Trump refused to concede to and claims that unconstitutional election laws helped the Democrats win the election.

Does anyone know why Stacy Abrams is still relevant?

This is seriously all she’s ever done—professionally undermine election integrity by claiming it’s racist to try to ensure all ballots counted are valid.

As if the last three years of rambling from Abrams wasn’t bad enough, now she’s gone as far as to flat-out state that the Republican effort to ensure election integrity is “Jim Crow [laws] in a suit and tie.”

I’m sorry, when are black Democrats going to notice that the party only ever started caring about their votes after it became illegal to restrict their votes?

Her outrageous comments came when she was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper to respond to the Georgia GOP’s introduction of legislation targeting election integrity.

“So Republican state lawmakers in your home state, Georgia, have introduced almost two dozen bills to make it more difficult to vote. They are going to end no-excuse mail-in voting, which has been there since 2005,” he began. “They will reduce voting on Sundays, ask for stricter ID requirements, take away drop boxes. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in D.C. — he called this effort by Georgia Republicans ‘racist plain and simple.’ Do you agree, and is there any way for Democrats to stop these efforts?”

Abrams needed no coaxing to join in this ad hominem against Georgia Republicans.

“Well, first of all, I do absolutely agree that it’s racist. It is a redux of Jim Crow, in a suit and tie,” she emphatically agreed.

“We know the only thing that precipitated these charges — it’s not that there was a question of security — in fact, the secretary of state and the governor went to great pains to ensure America that Georgia elections were secure. So the only connection that we can find is that more people of color voted, and it changed the outcome of elections in a direction that Republicans do not like.”

Right, and it’s not at all racist to assume that black people have a harder time procuring and carrying around a valid ID than white people, Stacey?

No, of course not. Having reasonable standards for what constitutes a legitimate ballot would only target communities of color, by Abrams’ estimation.

In fact, she declared, the GOP is working to “eliminate access to voting” for POC who apparently can’t even be expected to furnish a driver’s license or go to a polling place.

Interestingly, she pointed out that without such requirements, voter participation increased which gave the Democrats a boost in Georgia’s early January runoff.

You don’t say? Not sure that’s something she wants to brag about.


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