State Sen. Mastriano Says The GOP In PA Is Pushing Hard For Election Integrity In The State

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano recently conducted an interview on Newsmax stating that the current administrative practices under Gov. Tom Wolf had made it very difficult to conduct in-person voting rather than doing mail-in voting.

Mastriano, a retired Army Colonel, made an appearance on the “Spicer & Co.,” program where he said that he was already familiar with mail-in voting due to being a member of the military. He stated that if he didn’t fill in the ballot correctly, exactly the way he was taught, then the ballot would be rejected.

He then went on to point out that under the current governor’s administration, the standards for conducting mail-in voting have become very lax.

“To add to that, the Wolf administration,” Mastriano went on to say, “[on] the 23rd of October also made additional changes that especially, the Democratic counties could cure the ballots. Now I was in the military for 30 years and obviously used absentee extensively. And it was very, very clear if I did not.. fill out the ballot properly, it would be thrown out…And the Wolf administration they actually allowed messed up or incorrectly filled in ballots to be cured.”

via Newsmax:

To “cure” a ballot means someone who filled out a ballot incorrectly would be offered the opportunity to correct the problem. However, Pennsylvania lacks a formal cure process.

Mastriano said he is working on putting out “a ballot initiative requiring voter ID. So instead of running legislation that’s gonna get vetoed, as [Wolf] has done just two weeks ago, in fact, on voting reform. We’ll put it before the people. It takes two sessions of the Senate and the House to put it on the measure on the ballot. And then the people should decide if they want voting ID. I also have additional measures that we’re trying to get on the ballot to repeal no excuse mail-in voting. As it is right now, it’s the wild wild west, and it’s just we don’t know [what’s] right and wrong on it.” Mastriano’s last statement refers to the lack of formal process on mail-in cured ballots.

We need to see a national push for election integrity in this country. There has been so much shady business going on in this last election that it can no longer be ignored. Make no mistake about it, voter fraud on some level has always existed.

This is why we need voter ID laws and other measures that protect our free and fair elections. It’s pivotal that legislation address this issue.



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