Statistics From The FBI Reveal That Far More People Are Killed By Knives Than By Rifles In America

Two mass shootings that have happened over the course of the week, the first in Atlanta, the other in Boulder, have once again renewed the debate about gun control in the United States, leaving progressives foaming at the mouth with desire to ban the anti gun crowd’s self named “assault rifles” such as the AR-15.

However, according to The Daily Caller, data from the FBI reveals that there are far more murders committed with knives, hands, feet, and handguns here in the United States. In fact, the numbers aren’t even close. But why let the facts get in the way of alarmist rhetoric about guns?

“The FBI’s most recent data from 2019 shows that while firearms account for the vast majority of homicides overall — 10,258 — the number of homicides committed using a rifle (364) is much smaller,” the DC report says.

“Handguns were listed as the primary weapon in 6,368 cases, and shotguns accounted for another 200. There were 45 cases that named ‘other gun’ as the weapon, and 3,281 cases in which the type of firearm was not specified. Assuming the unspecified cases follow the same ratio as the reported firearm types, the number of cases in which a rifle was used would increase by approximately 120 — bringing that total number to 484,” the report adds.

According to the data, 600 people were murdered in 2019 with what the FBI refers to as “personal weapons,” which is a reference to hands, fists, or feet. Knives and other “cutting tools” are responsible for 1,476 homicides, which is roughly three times the number killed by rifles.

And yet, despite the data, after almost every mass shooting in recent times, the radical left goes all out on another mission to try and ban the AR-15 and other “assault weapons,” proving they do not do any sort of research into this issue. They just want to strip away a person’s rights and take the easy way instead of properly engaging the issue to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.

“While the AR-15 does appear to be the weapon of choice for the more highly-publicized mass shootings, the fact that any instance in which at least four people are shot and killed is qualified as a ‘mass shooting’ means that the numbers can be dramatically skewed by gang-related and drug-related activity. Throughout 2020, some argued that mass shootings in inner cities were a result of the stress and lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic,” The Daily Caller said.


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